the ‘Ndrangheta had taken over the municipality of Portigliola

PORTIGLIOLA The “dangerous” relations of the mayor, described as a true “monarch”, and the deputy mayor, and then a “global framework of illegitimacy and administrative irregularities”, all to connote “forms of interference of the organized crime that jeopardizes freedom. ” determination and impartiality of the elected bodies, the proper functioning of the administration and the functioning of the services, to the serious detriment of public order and security ”. These are some of the reasons why the Minister of the Interior Lamorgese requested and obtained the dissolution of the municipality of Portigliola, in the province of Reggio Calabria, for alleged infiltrations into the ‘Ndrangheta: the dissolution decree goes be adopted by the President of the Republic. The presidential provision is based on the report of the Ministry of the Interior, in turn inspired by the results of the access commission established by the prefecture of Reggio in the municipality of Portigliola, results that also cite the results of the operation “Ionian District”, which – it says in the report of the Ministry of the Interior – has “revealed the criminal” geography “of Reggio in which the” local Portigliola “has been fully inserted.”

“Frequencies with contraindicated subjects”

The report from the Ministry of the Interior explains in the first place: “The prefect of Reggio Calabria highlights a substantial administrative continuity between the team currently in office, elected with the result of the June 2017 session and the previous ones, since the current mayor (Rocco Luglio, ed) is in his second term, having previously held the position of municipal councilor in the councils of 1995 and 2007, while virtually all members of the current civic forum already In addition to the preponderant and persistent presence of the administrators themselves, the prefect of Reggio Calabria emphasizes that in some of them there are police precedents as well as frequent and parental relationships with local criminals or with members of mafia clans, among which the The position of a councilor and a deputy mayor stands out, both alternates in 2019 “. Specifically, the ministerial report states, “criminal proceedings are currently pending against the mayor of Portigliola and other municipal employees for crimes of abuse of office and denial of official documents. The related judicial investigation, which began with an administrative matter related to the management of a bathing establishment, revealed that the mayor and his collaborators had repeatedly engaged in illicit conduct intended to revoke il. lawfully the holder of the state concession preventing the management of the activities of the bathroom and causing unjust damage to it. In relation to the first citizen, there are also reports of visits with contraindicated subjects, one of whom resides in a house owned by the spouse of the said administrator, in fact domiciled in the main residence of the deputy mayor, and which seems to have occupied until a few days before the inauguration commission took office, the position of chairman of the board of directors of a cooperative which was awarded numerous municipal prizes. In addition, the aforementioned contraindication states that he has always been invited to the home of the deputy mayor. Contraindications of a similar nature are also reported for the current deputy mayor who seems to have close family ties with members of mafia groups … As for the latter administrator, the prefectural report reports that l ‘current deputy mayor, during the administrative consultations of 2017, in the course of a litigation, allegedly assaulted and injured an electoral rival and this – underlines the prefect – testifies to the climate of “violence and intimidation” in which they go hold municipal elections. Prejudices and frequenting with similar offenders are also detected, which characterize the peculiarity of the local environmental context, with respect to two more administrators, as well as numerous municipal employees, some of whom have a serious criminal record and one currently under special measure. public security surveillance with obligation of residence ”.

“Approximate procedures in the technical office”

But the Home Office report doesn’t stop there. “The results of the inspection have revealed a real modus operandi of the municipal administration characterized by irregular procedures in the fulfillment of public orders, having ascertained the verification of the agreements of the board and the council, as well as the content of the management decisions dictated by the local body since June 2017, multiple anomalies and illegitimate practices, including, only by way of example, the absence of market studies for the selection of contractor companies, the acquisition of a single budget, lack of adequate motivation to support the use of direct public assignment, payment of consideration on the basis of invoices submitted only by contractors, the absence of a document proving the In addition, it has been established that the companies benefiting from direct orders are identified from an informal list used by the technical office and chosen out of time. nia based on his willingness to work for the Portigliola City Council. The checks of the access commission have found a rather accidental and repeated use of the institution of the extension over time to extend the duration of contracts already expired, options that certainly do not comply with sectoral regulations. These critical issues – observes the Minister of the Interior – arose especially from the result of the verifications realized in the technical office, where found formalities that were quite approximate … ».

“Personal management of the City Council”

In any case, the first citizen of Portigliola is in the spotlight of the investigations: “In this context of illegitimacy or administrative irregularities – the ministerial report continues – the figure of the mayor of Portigliola arises, the functions which, according to the prefectural report, have gone beyond the political-administrative powers of the position held, effectively summarizing in his person the global and personal management of the local body; statements made by the deputy mayor and the municipal councilor on the occasion of the constitution of the inspection body, who even reported that they did not know the powers attributed to them and that they only exercise representation functions ”. The prefectural access commission – explains the Ministry of the Interior – “focused especially on the numerous works and services assigned by the City Council to a cooperative that was administered for up to five days before the constitution of the inspection body by a contraindicated person housed in available homes. to the mayor and the deputy mayor … Another circumstance that confirms the existence of joint interests between the first citizen and the contraindicated subjects is accredited by the fact that the registered office of the cooperative, constituted in February of 2011, corresponds to the registered office of the mayor of Portigliola (located in a municipality of another region) and that its first sole director, who remained in office until June 2012, was a collaborator of study by the mayor himself. In this sense, the prefect of Reggio Calabria, emphasizing the particular “proximity” between the mayor and the cooperative … reported that the same company has been identified by the municipality of Portigliola as the transferee of numerous transfers, usually consistent when sweeping works, cleaning and trimming in the inhabited nucleus, assigned in breach of the provisions of art. 36 of Legislative Decree no. 50/2016, on the basis of which the order and execution of works, services and supplies with an amount below the Community threshold must be carried out, in any case, in accordance with the principle of rotation of the calls to ensure access to work in addition. other illegitimacy registered by the inspectors of the prefecture in the City council of Portigliola – still says the report of the Ministry of the Interior – refers to “numerous other orders to companies that at that time were recipients of anti-mafia prohibitions” , in addition to “critical issues regarding the capacity of the local authority to determine and collect local taxes”. municipal Portigliola, aimed at pursuing purposes other than institutional, which have determined the degradation and loss of credibility of the local institution, as well as prejudice. of the interests of the community, making necessary the intervention of the State to guarantee that the entity returns to the legality “through the dissolution of the city council of Portigliola. (

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