Terrorism, trained at home to carry out attacks: after the oath to Isis, 20, he was ready to hit Trentino. On Instagram channels, videos to become a fighter

TRENTO. A few years to radicalize and then in a few months work for set aside tricycloacetone peroxide and other types of acids for the construction of an explosive device that was reportedly detonated in Trentino in August.

These are some of the points of the complex research which in recent months has been carried out by Carabinieri del Ros together with the territorial articulation and which led to the arrest of P.and uncensored youth of about 20 yearsa man and a woman, investigated by association for terrorist purposes or subversion of the democratic order, enlistment and training for terrorist purposes, including international ones..

From the research activities it emerged that the two young people, born in Italy of families of Kosovar origin, inserted in the social, labor and study contextthey would have assumed for some time a path of possible and effective radicalization by jihadist propaganda on the net.

A path that, as has been said, would have led to an attack on Trentino and beyond a trip (Hegira) to Nigeria where the 20-year-old is said to have joined forces to fight the Islamic State in West Africa, a branch of Boko Haram that has joined the Islamic State.

During the interrogation on bail, the young man, explained the prosecutor of the Republic of Trento, Sandro Raimondi, has almost completely confessed his behavior and activity. “An investigation was carried out,” explains Raimond, “which identified two people involved in the episode of belonging to a terrorist organization. They have been identified, tracked and monitored with highly professional work. A survey that has no equal in all of Italy and all of Europe.


To explain the research activity was Pasquale Angelosanto, commander-in-chief of the Ros dels Carabinieri.

“The business,” he explains, “was born not long ago. The criminal case has been registered in early February 2022 although it was behind an information activity carried out by the FBI on some components attributable to the Islamic State that in Europe planned attacks or propagated a radical ideology also for contracting purposes “.

This is the starting point of the investigations of the Ros and the territorial articulations that allowed to identify the two young people of Trentino, a man and a woman, born from families of Kosovar origin, inserted in the social, labor and labor context. studies. .

1. Radicalization

“The issue – explains General Angelosanto – is identified for the relationship he establishes through Instagram channels with some members of the Islamic State. A relationship that goes on over time during which the young person express sympathy and closeness to the Islamic State and on several occasions the suspect expressed gratitude for some attacks it happened in the past in Europe like the one in 2017 in Manchester “.

Investigations revealed in the boy a path of violent radicalization that has been approaching not only the thinking of the Islamic State, sharing its goals but also its actions in Europe.. A key stage was then the “oath made practically in the hands of a member of the Islamic StateHere the image is also spread by the police where you can see the moment when the young man has a raised finger, a sign of the fighter during the oath.

2. Attack planning and construction of the explosive device

The young man, for his school being chemical expertbut also because of the job he frequents, it manages to capture various amounts of precursor chemicals for the production of an explosive material very dangerous that is recognized as Tatp now also used in the past in other attacks in Spain, England, France and Belgium by Islamic State terrorists.

“The investigations that have been carried out have made it possible – explained General del Ros – to seize the dangerous substances that had been reserved in a tank. This neglect of the precursors would have made it possible synthesize up to 400 grams of Tatp, which equates to about 300 grams of TNT and therefore very harmful. ”Hence the danger of the subject and the immediate decision to stop.

3. The trip to Nigeria

Investigations have also revealed that the suspect, along with his wife, had designed the so-called “Hegira”the trip to war theaters, particularly to Nigeria where a component of the Islamic State is present to take part in the fighting.

“The journey – always explains Angelosanto- for those who have radicalized, it represents extreme loyalty to the Islamic State. But we can assume that this would have happened after the perpetration of an attack. “

Research, they first identified a person in Italy which, underlines General del Ros, is “rDedicated on its own, at home, self-training on web channels, it is necessary to disseminate Islamic State ideological material in French, English and Arabic with instructions for packing bombs as well.“.

In recent months, again according to polls, the young man would also have prepared himself by buying military clothes as an Isis fighter, cutting his hair and growing his beard

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