Sworn appraisal cost to estimate the value of the home

To evaluate a property, the responsible technician must follow a specific procedure. If necessary, his report must be sworn in before a public official.

You and your sisters have turned to an architect to evaluate a property of your property, in order to know its exact economic and monetary value. You have asked the professional to swear the paper in court, as you want to be sure of the reliability of what is being said. What is the cost of a sworn appraisal to estimate the value of a home?

It is not possible to establish a priori the cost of a sworn valuation of real estate as it may depend on different factors such as the rate requested by the responsible appraiser and the number of tax stamps to be applied to the preparation. More precisely, the amount of the latter changes depending on the “substance” of the report and the annexes that accompany it (think of any plans and photographic documentation).

In general, it should be noted that, in addition to sworn appraisal, there are two other types of appraisal: simple appraisal, which is prepared and signed by the technician after collecting the necessary information and processing the related data without, however, asserting. the content and the sworn assessment, of which the professional certifies the veracity of the content and the correction demonstrated in the fulfillment of the conferred mandate, by means of the placement of a specific declaration.

Real estate appraisal: what is it and how is it made?

A real estate appraisal is a technical report relating to the calculation of the economic and monetary value of a particular property such as an apartment in the city or a villa by the sea.

To write it, the responsible professional must make the call real estate due diligencea kind of research activity on the property, useful to know its commercial and economic aspect in relation to its current and potential use with respect to the area where it is located and the evolution of the reference market.

To evaluate the property, the technician must perform a series of calculations more or less complex, taking into account several factors that may determine an increase or decrease in value.

First, the asset consistencythis is his commercially relevant surface, starting with the measurement of the passable square meters of the building, the perimeter walls and the interior partitions. Subsequently, the balconies, eventual terraces and gardens must be added, generally calculated at 33%.

Once in possession of the data relating to the commercial area of ​​the property, to proceed with the budget, the technician must know the commercial value of the property per square meter, determined based on the area where it is located. To do this, you can consult the Online site of the Tax Agency, which provides an estimate based on cadastral data of the property or average property prices, valid for each municipality and city in Italy. Therefore, it must multiply the market value per square meter by the commercial area of ​​†‹вЂ‹ the property. Once this subsequent operation has been carried out, it must proceed to consider the so-called merit coefficients and of decrease of the value of the asset.

The former coincide with the property characteristics such as the state of the general maintenance, the possible presence of fine finishes, the exhibition, the endowment of parking for cars, the garden of the condominium or a photovoltaic system.

The latter are linked to the aforementioned coefficients of merit and can be determined by the presence of any mortgage loans on the property, condominium debts, defects or construction defects, etc.

Sworn real estate appraisal: what does it consist of and what is the process?

There sworn valuation of real estate this is a full-fledged assessment that differs from the “ordinary” in that the statement of the technician contained therein is corroborated by the oath. In doing so, the practitioner assumes the civil liability I criminal about the veracity of what is written and stated in the document.

In particular, from a criminal point of view, if the sworn valuation of real estate is false or if the expert who drafts it inflates the value of the property, commits the crime of false ideology as he falsifies in a public deed and to a public official. By law, he can be punished with up to two years in prison [1].

The evaluator can do the oath Before chancellor of the competent judicial office or before a notaries. Therefore, once the expert report has been drawn up, it must be addressed to the court, the justice of the peace or the notary, carrying with it the identification document drawn up and in force. Therefore, before the chosen bailiff, he declares that he has performed well and faithfully the functions entrusted to him for the sole purpose of making the truth known.

The registrar or notary identifies the declarant, receives the oath and prepares a special report at the end of the report in which he transcribes the oath as well as the details of the technician (name and surname, date of birth, residence and date of the procedure) . Finally, the expert and the public official put their signature at the end of the report.

Sworn real estate appraisal: what is the cost?

As stated above, it is not possible to establish a priori the cost of an appraisal of sworn valuation of real estate according to different factors Which one:

  • Theprofessional fee, which may vary in relation to the area where the property is located, the type of property to be assessed (for example, it is clear that the estimate of a study will be different from that of a farmhouse in the countryside), and any difficulty encountered in drafting the document and its complexity. In principle, it can be stated that the technician’s fee can be around 300/600 euros but can reach up to 1,000 euros if the asset to be valued is especially large or depending on the type of valuation to be done. The technician can also calculate your fee as a percentage of the estimated asset value;
  • the number of tax stamps to stick to the paper. In particular, it must be applied tax stamp of 16.00 EUR every 4 pages starting with the first side. In any case, the limit of 100 lines on all 4 sides must be respected, otherwise the lines must be counted and an additional tax stamp of 16.00 euros must be placed. In any case, the tax stamp must be placed every 4 pages, including the report of the oath in the calculation. For adjuncts placed after the report of the oath, a Tax stamp of 2.00 euros for each attached “original paper” of the expert (for example 2.00 euros for each drawing, photograph, etc.); a tax stamp of € 2.00 for every 100 lines, assuming that the annex contains lists, calculations, etc .; a tax stamp of 2.00 euros for each photocopy of documents issued by other offices, if authenticated by the expert with personal stamp and signature.


[1] Art 483 cod. pen.

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