Summerschool in Sicily, 4 workshops to rebuild territories

“In this third edition – clarifies Gianluca Fiuscodirector of the Christian Service and creator of the LURT – we want to focus on the recovery of the social dimension through regenerative communication, that is, a communication capable of rethinking, redefining and, therefore, regenerating reality, as well as describing it.“.

Regenerate a territory – explains Francesca Gammicchia, who is also an expert in regenerative communication and rethinking – it is a ten-year project and process that affects the DNA of people and the territory, and to achieve this, it is necessary to contaminate thoughts and question oneself, their uses and customs..

On the one hand the representatives of the territory, bearers of tradition and history and on the other “those who come from outside” bearers of novelties and new points of view on everything we take for granted or even taken for granted. That is why in the implementation of the LURT 2022 program, in addition to confirming the tradition of the previous 2 years of convening teachers in the area and “outside”, I wanted to expand the age range and insert several moments of ‘networking) both structured and unstructured and activities aimed at the community that, however, started from a moment of reflection and personal growth.

This summer’s event will be -for university students and professionals who will speak- a unique experience to regain possession of your time, while giving yourself to the territory and growing professionally and internally“.

The 4 workshops

There Summer school for Riesi – a real training and research residency that faces those organized in major Italian and European cities – offers a training experience in visual arts, anthropology, design, carpentry, sociology, literature, with several dedicated events and 4 workshops residential:

  • Travel diary curated by Linda Randazzo of Palermo – set designer, costume designer, performer, designer and painter;
  • Sensitive communication edited by Studio Yoge Sensitive Communication in Genoa;
  • Self-construction directed by the artist, craftsman and stage designer Jesse Gagliardi, also trotamundos who now lives and works in Palermo and
  • Short film curated by story fisherman Samuele Wurtz, a Genoese filmmaker who in the past has already made short documentaries for the Christian service.

Once the program is over, participants will be accompanied to discover the sites of Riesi and previous editions of the LURT – by the director of the Service Cristiano Gianluca Fiusco and Filippo Accordino, sociologist who participated in previous editions, first as a recipient. and then as a tutor- and will participate in 4 interviews that will broaden his perspective: the painter Igor Scalisi Palminterithe journalist Nicola Confortithe curator and art critic Ornella Fazzina I Angelica De VitoUnited Nations collaborator.


Along with the program, as a moment of exchange between the inhabitants of Riesi and the participants of the Summer School, we will dedicate two evenings to SIGN UPwhere this year two Sicilian authors will take part: the Sicilian composer, arranger, pianist and drummer Francesco Branciamore who will give us a concert on piano and conductor Francesco Siro Brigiano with whom we will see and then discuss his latest film “Tales of the Stone”.

Who can participate?

Everyone who wants, from the age of 18, university students, professionals who want to broaden their view of the world, interested in including the other in their path, the other; recent graduates and recent graduates in human, social and technical disciplines. From all over Italy and beyond.

They can register until July 5, 2022 and there are 20 places available. Those enrolled before June 30 and students will be able to benefit from reduced rates.

Press office – Francesca Gammicchia – 380 2676092 –

Who is the Christian service:

It is a diaconal work of the Waldensian Church in Italy. Founded in 1961 by the pastor valdés, then senator of the Republic Tullio Vinay, today continues its social, cultural and educational commitment in favor of the weaker social classes. Our action is based on three principles: active solidarity, the fight against illegality and the mafia, sustainable development.

For 60 years, the Servizio Cristiano has been involved in education, kindergarten and primary school, and welcomes 25% of the local school population. In addition to various services aimed at people with communication, motor, psychological and social difficulties, through specific multidisciplinary channels with the intervention of psychologists, educators, speech therapists and neuropsychomotor therapists. In addition, the Christian Service, thanks to a property of more than 16 hectares of land, has already activated since its foundation a zero km agriculture with which it serves the school canteen and the guests who can reside in the holiday home.

During the year there is a dense cultural program that includes: concerts, theatrical performances, training courses, CineFòrum, workshops, book presentations. The architecture of the Christian Service is the cultural heritage of the Region of Sicily which, with a specific law, sought to preserve its existence. Conceived by the architect Leonardo Ricci, the village of the Christian Service is unique. Organic architecture that develops its existence in symbiosis with the territory without modifying the landscape but integrating into it. Since 2008, it has been directed by Gianluca Fiusco, creator of the idea of ​​the LURT and more, journalist, pedagogue.

Who is the transformation of human talent:

it coincides with the mission of its founder: to encourage the use of the person’s talents so that each of us can make his talent his work and, by doing it all together, we can create a better country.

Human Talent Transformation helps small entrepreneurs become a little bigger in a sustainable way for themselves, for the environment, the family and the territory where they live with their paths of growth formed by training, coaching and communication consulting and effective leadership. It also organizes and supports non-profit conferences for some TEDx groups in Italy and Toastmasters Italy; it helps young people get into the world of work and the elderly to recycle.

He has collaborated in the past with the Christian Service because he shares with him important values ​​such as: social inclusion, gender equality, respect for the environment, openness to others and the secular and uncritical approach. to help.

What is civic, civic:

It is the name given to the confiscated property that was owned by mafia killer Francesco Annaloro, son of Chief Luigi. The building, in the heart of the municipality of Riesi, has been entrusted to the management of the Christian Service. During the first edition, the process of recovery and regeneration began and, since then and thanks to the fundamental impetus of the architect Emanuele Piccardo, former coordinator of LURT2020, it is the operational headquarters of educational activities aimed at the neighborhood and open every afternoon.

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