Lamezia, “Einaudi” high school participates in the 2022 School Innovation Festival

Lamezia Terme – The Einaudi Institute, the candidate school selected from many by a prestigious scientific committee, will participate in the 2022 edition of the School Innovation Festival, to be held the first weekend in September in Valdobbiadene: twenty schools will be hosted by companies and agrotourism members of the festival to give voice to the different witnesses of school innovation.

“Participation in such an important initiative has aroused great enthusiasm among students and teachers, given the great educational and educational value of the occasion. The festival represents an important moment of dialogue and debate between managers and teachers of all levels who have already tried new paths and are implementing new and innovative teaching strategies, in order to rethink the school in an effective and creative way and accompany the students in their personal, cultural and professional growth – they explain in a communiqué of the Institute – The same minister Bianchi that participated in the festival 2021 praised the initiative, in his essence and substance, defining it like useful to carry the school towards the future because “Valdobbiadene means innovation in the school that is at the highest point of our country. Because the economy must resume on the solid legs of training and education.” slow opportunity, then, for Einaudi to show, in an important national showcase such as the festival, one of the usual educational and training activities that are carried out that consider that the student is the protagonist in tone ta his person, not only from a cognitive aspect. point of view, but also and above all affective, relational, social. Specifically, the design experience for which Einaudi was selected is “When waste becomes crashed”: the starting point, and it could not be, was the dimension of sustainability in all its aspects (social and economic, cultural, environmental, food). ), in order to make students aware that fragility, physical, psychological, socio-economic, should not be “ruled out” or, at best, accepted in a generic way, but valued in such a way that the limit in wealth. for everything. Class teachers interested in the project analyzed documents, videos, etc., focusing on the concept of waste not only from a food point of view, but broadening the horizon to other perspectives, referring to history and to the multiple “wastes” of the past and present, highlighting how often man is seen as a means and not as an end, as a mere potential instrument of good but also of evil. From a purely food point of view, information was sought regarding other aspects of food and its use, such as its preservation, nutritional aspects, cooking of food; during the activities of the cooking workshop, the students created, with the teachers, anti-waste recipes, using ingredients usually “discarded”, such as bean pods, rancid bread, seafood shells, broccoli leaves and stalks, peels of eggplant, carrots and potatoes, centrifuged. food leftovers. The aim of the project was to raise awareness among students and families to reduce waste, aware that boundary waste can and should become a valuable resource.

Einaudi, pleased to participate in Valdobbiadene’s experience that the minister hopes will become “the pivot of a national network as a new support for the country’s growth,” “will involve all his energies, aware that the growth of a country cannot also go through the growth of children ‘entrusted’ to school ”.

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