Inclusion, the Lazio region questionnaire in the storm: test the stress of caregivers with questions such as “How embarrassed are you about your disabled child?”

We receive and publish an article by Francesco Provinciali.

After being received by the Nettuno social and health district and distributed to families with people with disabilities, but then withdrawn by the municipal administration itself due to the outraged reactions of the recipients and the outcry in public opinion, the questionnaire prepared by the Lazio Region to prove the “Stress” of caregivers who had applied for access to compensatory benefits for the disabled – already defined as scandal or shame – landed in the municipality of Rome and referred to the families of the metropolitan area, raising the same commotion. as expected.


Now the infringing form has returned to the sender: the Lazio region, which prosecuted him as Caregiver load inventory or “Inventory of the care burden” in the resolution that recognizes the figures of family caregivers, in the form of guidelines and information, will assess whether it should be corrected, removed or put back into circulation with unlikely clarifications which, however, would not justify the initiative which at once seemed indescribable, inadequate, and in bad taste.

After reading some questions, one wonders who had this unworthy thought: “From zero to four, how embarrassed are you about your child or family member with a disability?“,”How much resentment do you feel towards him?“How uncomfortable do you feel when you have friends at home?” “Do you feel like you’re losing your life?”

With one specification: one means little, two moderately, three very much and four very much. This initiative demonstrates the little or no competence in the disability sector of those who develop, validate and disseminate these forms (as necessary as the ISEE to access the media) defined as a “scientific instrument” indicated by a resolution of the regional council among the possible tools to be used by municipalities and consists of a method of self-assessment (subjective perception of stress, simple but effective, referring to five different aspects of the family caregiver: objective, psychological, physical, social and emotional (subjective perception).

The aim is to identify appropriate support measures for the affected families but in the wrapper of a psychologism with a low human and cultural profile. Presented as “a tool for assessing the care burden, capable of analyzing its multidimensional aspect”, it is actually useless, harmful and a prisoner of the neologisms of the 4.0 language.

Therefore, the relatives of a person with a disability should declare not only the discomfort, but how much shame, even “resentment” they feel for their situation, but one wonders who would ever fix their eventual emotional imbalance. We are the usual ones: there is room for professional incompetence that collects data that is about to violate privacy and constitutional principles, without a shred of common sense and humanity, and we put on the hat of political and institutional investiture. Forms like this should not be run at all. Caregivers ’anguish or hopes are not public trade goods with due care for people with disabilities. Too bad yes: but all for this initiative.

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