Inail Puglia: awarded the security project ‘Gli Scacciarischi: the Olympics of prevention’

On June 20, at Campus SDA Bocconi School of Managementthe final ceremony of the project took place “Public value: the public administration that works”promoted with the sponsorship of Ministry of Public Administrations, Anci and Upi.

The aim is to support the change processes envisaged by the PNR to relaunch the role and effectiveness of public action as a lever for restarting the entire system of the country, identifying good practices that can be replicated for the PA. Thus, a call was launched for all public administrations, which had a great response, obtaining the desired result, specifically innovative projects in the most diverse areas: change of organization, management systems, digitalization, environmental policies and social.

It was promoted by the Puglia Direction of Inail With the’regional health department. Winners, among the projects presented and selected, ‘ScacciaRischi: the prevention Olympics’promoted by the Regional Directorate of Inal Puglia and the Department of Health of the Region of Puglia, with the support of the Regional School Office and the Department of Education, Psychology and Communication Sciences of the University of Bari. Minister Brunetta with this motivation: “The project has been distinguished by innovation and creativity in educating the younger generations about safety in living, study and work environments.”

We are talking about a playful educational itinerary that, through the video game ‘Gli Scacciarischi’, aims to raise awareness among students in Puglia about correct lifestyles and safety in living, study and work environments, helping them to recognize the risks that exist at home. , at school and at work. It is aimed mainly at primary and secondary school students in Puglia: divided into categories, play the video game and participate, individually or in teams, in real Olympic Games, with phases of training, qualifications and finals. The video game is available to everyone, also in English, in the PC version or for tablets and smartphones, on Google Play and the App Store.

In the four editions carried out, 30,000 students have been involved, with 300 participating schools; prizes have been awarded for investing in school safety for 120 thousand euros.

Even more encouraging are the results of the experimental research, conducted by the Department of Education, Psychology and Communication of the University of Bari, in terms of commitment (concentration, involvement, interest), risk perception (awareness of possible problems), protective behavior (useful and effective behaviors), locus of control (vital events linked to personal behavior vs. external causes) of initiative participants.

“It is with great enthusiasm – he says Giuseppe Gigante, regional director of Inail Puglia – that we welcome this prestigious recognition that rewards the option of using digital tools, and the potential of social networks, to involve and make the younger generations protagonists in a very delicate issue, such as health and security. A result that pushes us to continue on the path of synergies and experiments, this is the inescapable path of a public administration that wants to keep pace with the times and at the service of its community of reference ”.

“The project has also adapted well to the emergency moments dictated by the pandemic,” he added Lorenzo Cipriani, head of the Inail Puglia Prevention process, creator and coordinator of the initiative – Show clearly how a playful tool can be transformed into an effective safety education tool. The figures and recognitions received represent a new starting point for continuing the path, already begun for years, of innovation in the methods of promoting a culture of security, especially towards the new generations. “

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