“I totally see myself in Harley Quinn”

The first day of the Best Picture, Comics and Comicsthe event dedicated to cinema, games and comics that celebrates the 20th anniversary of our magazine, hosted the celebrity of the Italian nerd world Himortathe cosplayer most loved and followed in Italy with more a million followers on Instagram. Himorta, stage name of Antonella Arpabegan appearing in the world of cosplay in 2015, as a great lover of pop and nerd culture, between comics, manga I TV seriesand in a few years she has become one of the most recognized entertainers and influencers in our country in this sector.

In the spaces of the Superestudi of Milan Himorta celebrated in talk to the audience explaining his work and getting to know the audience and fans of his creations, versions of famous manga, anime and more. Among his best known incarnations, we have seen him in the role of Wonderful woman, Lara Croft, Catwoman, Ella Venom, Harley Quinn, C-18 from Dragon Ballthe Winx and much, much more!

“In my career I think at least I’ve done it cent cosplay and I like to see in the video that I always smile – said Himorta opening his talk and commenting on a video that showed some of his most shocking cosplays – My stage name comes from a bad joke, which mimics the character of the manga and anime Narutothe fairy in love with the protagonist, Hinata, transforming him into Himorta. Many times it starts for fun and you would never think that a nickname like this could become the stage name of a career, now maybe I would change it but it has brought me a lot of luck, so we keep it! ”.

“I’ve always read comics, especially manga, but I’ve only read them and I’ve never disguised myself in the past. – The cosplayer explained about the origin of her passions – It all started with the manga a pieceAt the time of death of one of my favorite characters, that is Ace Fist of Fire. I took it so badly that I decided to dress like him. I recreated her costume by sticking a ping-pong ball on my wrist, and it took me about ten days. I enjoyed this experience so much that I started doing a lot of other cosplay. It all started fromdol! “.

The cosplayer is a job that also has a very strong craft component. I used to paint my cosplay, and there are some very particular techniques I’ve never used, like acrylics. – specifies Himorta – I have often created armor by heating the fabric of the gym mats, which can be adjusted by heating, but there are also other more expensive materials that can be used. Today, as I work for very large agencies and companies for which I have to meet specific deadlines, I have a person who is dedicated, for example, to creating wigs – there are hairdressers very well they make identical to the originals – but also to accessories and gods tailorsi can say i have a very nice team. I miss that stage where I did it all myself and could choose a better button or a different colortoday I couldn’t do it for lack of time but I always try to put a little detail of myself inside my cosplay ».

About the most difficult cosplayer to make in his career, Himorta has no doubts: “I would say it was Wonder Woman 1984 per Warner Bros., which I did last year. Today I do a lot of cosplay wonder and the AD. The film was also heavily penalized by Covid, I had done the cosplay for the theatrical release, but unfortunately I was able to use it only for the digital release. To get to the pose room, I did the whole trip lying in the car seat, because I didn’t get in! ”

In addition to fans and nerds of pop culture, Himorta is also known to the general television audience thanks to his participation in Come another!the Mediaset program of Paolo Bonolisin the role of Manga. In his space, he cares naturally ask competitors questions about Japanese comics.

“I did a casting for the show where they were looking for the character of Manga for the microcosm of Minimondo, a figure who asked competitors questions about the comic book universe. When you do an audition like this you come to this context where there are beautiful and perfect women and you tell yourself that they will never catch you, instead compared to the other girls I had the fact that I was already cosplaying. I have been a part of it for four years and for me it is a nice family. By the time I listened to the other show I told myself that this could really be my job, this was my personal epiphany“.

Since 2019 it is also one of them djinterested in creating compelling Grind which join the cartoon acronyms and of TV series in the electronic music. “My manager Luca Scoffone he was convinced that getting people to dance to cartoon singles, particularly nerds, was something that could work. I was more skeptical, but he always has great ideas. Learning to mix was a little tiring, but I soon realized that in mash-ups people literally went wild, even the gentlemen in their fifties ended up singing and dancing non-stop. Luckily, I also had social media and more during the pandemic, while my classmates, who were just DJs, unfortunately lived two especially dark years, only now we see some light. I wouldn’t have bet on it, but my coach sees farther and farther away.


Recently Himorta was also present at the London premiere of The Batman from Matt Reeveswhere she came dressed Catwoman and interviewed Robert Pattinson. “Batman is one of my favorite heroes, so interviewing him was a huge thrill, I tried to disguise my incredible thrill of being there by his side. It was definitely one of the best rewards of my career. I worked for days on editing that video before posting it, with influencers you always see the end product but never everything behind it, and the most complex element is always time. There are very easy cosplays that you can do in 48-72 hours, others much more elaborate with very complex armor. When I ask cosplayers how long it took someone, they even say two years“.

For Himorta, a new publishing adventure also took shape a few months ago: on March 30, in fact, his first comic book arrived in bookstores and digital, The fire card. I think it’s the dream of all cosplayers, used to dressing up, to become the protagonists of a comic themselves.which in my case has an all-female team. Now maybe someone will do a Himorta cosplay! The Mondadori publishing house, which offered me several authors and screenwriters to choose from and accompanied me throughout the process, asked me to try this opportunity and I didn’t miss the opportunity as soon as it arrived.

The talk then opened with questions from the audience, which allowed Himorta to talk to his fans. his favorite characters and products from manga, video games and comics. My favorite manga is Death noticei like thriller and in my opinion it’s the perfect manga while in terms of american comics i would say Spiderman. Spider-Man. One Piece, Dragon Ball and Naruto in front of the manga is the legendary triad par excellence, makes it hard for me to choose my favorite of all even if Dragon Ball is Dragon Ball. As for video games, I really like the kind of relaxants No animalsalthough lately I am very much in love MOBA which are the opposite of relaxing video games, like League of Legends I Wild Rift which is its mobile version. If I lose three games in a row, I lose my temper and I don’t go to sleep until I win one. I’m usually very zen, but when I play competitive games, I get a scary side!“.

“I would like to double down Miss Fortuna from League of Legendsshe is also red like me – he later added in terms of dubbing, also broadening his gaze to Harley Quinn, a character he loves very much, and the favorite cosplay among those he has done – or fantasy characters like magicians, elves and goblins, maybe one little elf I would see it very well for myself. Between Catwoman I Harley Quinn I definitely feel closer to the latter, I see myself more in her madness than on the super sexy side by Catwoman. More than an antagonist, she is an antiheroine. They judge her by appearances, they say, “This is crazy” as they tell me “She’s pretty, but it doesn’t matter.”. But she herself says so, specifying that it is not so The Joker’s girlfriend But Harley fucked Quinn. ELor I feel a little like her, a woman who does not have to live from reflected lighta. The of Ariel of The Little Mermaid instead it’s my favorite cosplay of the ones I’ve done, even the people at the supermarket when she meets me she tells me she looks like her, and playing it during a shoot on the beach I felt one with the sea ​​and I said to myself: “In another life, I was definitely a mermaid”“.

Among his dreams in the drawer is also the sportsthat is, e-sports, in addition, of course, to comics: “Sports is youan increasingly consolidated reality, although in Italy we are still behind and it is an immature world, but I believe in it. Also there driving it’s my dream I would love to do a sports program. I believe in it too Metaversin fact I have already bought some land in this world, though a little scares me because many could live more lives and could create phenomena of sociability. If I find myself preferring another life to mine, I will tend to isolate myself from the rest of the world, is inevitable, but it is a very current reality and it is enough to see all the brands that approach the Metaverse. I’m sure we will soon be able to go shopping and buy clothes in a virtual reality.

In the future of Himorta, which he received at the end of the panel the special prize for best film, comics and cosplay gamesthere is also cinema, with a film of which he cannot yet say much. The director had a serious accident but hopefully we can start filming in September, I can’t wait. The biggest theater I’ve had the chance to play is the one in television and the one in cinema I imagine is even bigger. I can only say, for now, that it will be so an Italian comedy that will talk about social media“.



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