How can we know if our relationship is stable?

QWhat are the behaviors that clearly tell us that what we are experiencing is a stable relationship? We will find out together

In every self-respecting sentimental relationship, there are moments of yes and moments of no. Times when everything seems to be going well and others when, however, it seems to us that things are not going as they should. It happens to everyone and it is these ups and downs that make the relationship grow. But how to understand if you are living healthy moments of growth and if yours the relationship is stable or not?

Obviously, paying attention to everyone behaviors and / or signals which indicate the progress of our relationship and its solidity. And that regardless of the moment you are living. Here, then, is how to understand if your relationship is stable or if it is better to work on it a bit. With commitment, dedication and a lot of patience.

Freedom to be yourself

If you live in a relationship where both you and your partner are free to be who you are, without brakeswithout shame, shame, mutual expectations or limitations, because yes, you can say that yours is a stable relationship (in addition to healthy).

To love and accept oneself in spite of and / or precisely because of the different personal characteristics, merits, defects, etc., advancing day after day, accepting that each of the parties can Express yourself for what it really is, it represents one of the fundamental axes for creating and living a stable and lasting relationship. And if you already have it, then yours is a really solid relationship.

Be there … always

We said it, and moments no it happens in all relationships. In the same way that they happen to each of us individually. Moments when we become unbearable even for ourselves and that can damage the stability of our relationship. Especially because it is precisely with close people that we tend to vent all our pain, uncertainty, discomfort, fear, tension, and so on.

Well, if in spite of that, you are both there, ready to support you (and support each other) even in times of downtime, then you can say you are living a stable relationship. In which not even a hurricane could create the slightest hesitation.

Your happiness does not depend on the other

Of course, if you’re not happy to be together, you may not be there either. But if you are even alone / me. It is certainly an extra gear, both personally and as a couple. Being comfortable with yourself is the basic rule for being able to feel good even in a two person relationship.

If this is missing, however, it is very likely that you are looking for or wanting too much of the other, as if he / she were the one who had to fill that part of happiness that you are missing. Take risks just to burden your partner and your relationship. Yes, on the contrary, yours feeling well it depends mostly on yourself, it will be almost automatic to feel good even as a couple, consolidating the relationship you live day after day and giving life to a stable, peaceful and satisfying relationship for both of you.

In a stable relationship there is mutual respect (and for oneself). In a stable relationship there is dialogue even if it is uncomfortable, even for the most difficult things (as well as for the most trivial), there is understanding and desire to understand each other. In a stable relationship there is honesty.

Even if it means revealing the sides of us that we least like. In short, if the person next to you is really the one you want to build your life as a couple, the foundations must be solid. As well as any brick you will need to grow. And these three aspects, honesty, respect and dialogue, are the first to be put on, making sure they are firmly in place over time. Difficult? Not if you really want to.

Stable relationship vs changes

Everything changes. What we have around us, what we want, our appearance. All. But if your relationship is stable, it’s not there exchange which may affect him. If despite the elapsed time, the changes in your physical appearance (for both), the different way of reacting to things, talking, eating, friendships, work, financial situation and everything next. to yours while you are there, then yes, yours is a stable relationship, then yes, yours is a stable relationship.

But it is also serene, satisfying and above all, full of a true love. That goes beyond all things and only includes the really important things, you. Together, hand in hand like the first day.

And, let’s face it, you’re really very lucky to have a story like this.

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