GPS and Primary Education Sciences Update: NEW in CFU for insertion. Frequently asked questions and guide

Provincial and institute GPS rankings for the 2022/23 and 2023/24 replacement courses: operations are underway. Possibility of internships for Primary Education graduates. Here is the useful information

Frequently asked questions from the Ministry

I am a teacher with a degree in primary education sciences (5 years) Are years out of the year included in the legal duration?

The legal duration of the course (with the corresponding score) means the duration of four or five years of the degree. In any case, the correct date of enrollment and graduation must be declared to the system.

With regard to the service, the service performed cannot be declared simultaneously, in support or common place of child care and primary care during the period of legal duration. It is possible to declare any service in other competition classes and any service performed in connection with any off-course year.

I need a clarification on the inclusion of a service title taught in a primary school without a degree at the time but acquired today through the master’s degree in Motor Sciences (I have no master’s degree or bachelor’s degree in education).

According to Decree 83 of 2008, Chapter 6, paragraph 3, this title is suitable for the specific teaching of the subject in equality of primary education. Can it be included in the non-specific contracts covered by the call?
In accordance with Ministerial Decree 83/2008, no. 6, paragraph 3, «in order to ensure the execution of the Plan of formative offer by means of the necessary didactic technical competences, in primary can also entrust the teaching of foreign languages, technologies of the information, musical education and physical education to staff with specific qualifications. provided that they are accompanied by appropriate didactic training confirmed by the coordinator of the teaching activities of the joint school. “These areas are also present in the nursery. The service can be evaluated for the relative competition classes, always that in the meantime the candidate has obtained the qualification of access to the relative competition classes.It must be declared as a primary / infant service specifying the competition class.The system will evaluate it as non-specific.

Table A7, in point B1, reports two items: “Five-year degree in primary education sciences according to Ministerial Decree 249/2010” and “Degree with a degree in Education Sciences in what does Ministerial Decree 249/2010 refer to ”. Which one should we fill out?

Both entries are correct.

I am an out-of-course student enrolled in Primary Education. In order to be able to enroll in the second section of the Childhood and Primary GPS, how do I declare the academic year of enrollment?

It is enough to indicate the credits obtained, which prevail over the registration.

The DPIT note no. 1290, of 22/07/2020, foresees that in the second level of GPS of primary and of infantile can value for the relative ranking the service rendered in common place or support (obviously without the required qualification) by part of the primary school science students. specific and non-specific according to the grade, exclusively for the relative childhood and primary rankings. Can I use this service, as non-specific, also in high school GPS?

No, unless the qualification of admission has been obtained on the expiry date of the application for renewal for the biennium 2022/2024 (see FAQ n.45).

Note July 22, 2020

With regard to the GPS of the band of second of infantile and primary, in accordance with the picture A / 2 and in order to graduate the aspirants, the service rendered in common place or support (obviously without the required qualification) by students of primary education sciences. can be evaluated for the relative ranking, as specific and non-specific depending on the grade, exclusively for the relative childhood and primary rankings “

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