Drug trafficking data from the Ministry of the Interior’s Annual Report

In 2021 the traffic of narcotics in Friuli-Venezia Giulia it has grown rapidly and highlights a ruthless photograph of a territory where practically everything arrives, sells and is consumed. Confirmation of what investigators and police have long been demanding comes from the annual report prepared by the Central Directorate of Viminale Anti-Drug Services, presented today, June 24, in Rome. Comparing 2020 with the previous year, i drug bombing (and therefore presence in squares and sales) increases by almost all substances. In our region they are registered “substantial increases in quantities“For both cocaine and heroin. If we look at the overall figure, drug seizures in the region will grow by almost 150 percent compared to 2020.

Bianca, ero and ganja: the details

In detail, the “white” kidnappings grew by almost 270 percent (from 44 kilograms to 162), while heroin recorded a real boom with a percentage change of almost 400 percent (it went from the seizure of ‘1.68 kilograms in 2020 in addition to eight kilos the following year). He marijuana (seizures more than 40 percent) and plant confiscations (with a variation of just under 30 percent). Figures that would make even more impression, if it were not between 2020 and 2021 a drop in operations drugs made in the territory account for almost 9 percent. The positive news (which hides a reasoning about the high change), is that synthetic drug seizures are declining by about 25 percent, as well as complaints experiencing a 8.7 percent drop (523 compared to more than 570 in 2020).

Complaints: nationalities and places

Complaints mainly involve citizens of Italian nationality, but foreigners who end up in the network of law enforcement agencies grow by four percent. The same goes for the Minors which enter the drug sector and are reported in regional prefectures (+ 15%), while drug-related deaths fall by one unit (12 against 13 in 2020). The data speak for themselves and speak of a region being traversed two main pathways marketing. The first is the sea, with the port of Trieste cited as one of the heroin transit corridors that, through Egypt and then Greece, lands in Italy; the second, on the other hand, which obviously does not only accompany migrants, is the Balkans. However, the Friuli-Venezia Giulia seems to be disappearing from the radar when it comes to anti-drug operations and kidnappings.

Kidnappings are on the rise, anti-drug operations are down

In relation to the national figure, our region records only 1.64% of drug transactions, 0.41% of seized substances and 1.74% of people reported to the judicial authorities. In fact, there are 349 drug operations carried out in 2021, with more than 350 kilos seized. The exponential growth of drug trafficking is also confirmed by a fact that, for temporary reasons, finds no place in the relationship. The seizure of more than four tons of cocaine by the Financial Police, coordinated by the District Anti-Mafia Directorate, speaks of a territory literally flooded with drugs.

The Turks

Main heroin trafficking center supplying European markets“, the Balkan drug route is managed by the Pkk, Kurdish Workers’ Party and paramilitary formation. “Based on information from the Turkish police authorities – writes the Ministry of the Interior -, The PKK currently produces and refines substances, such as heroin, in laboratories in northern Iraq and the villages of neighboring countries, subsequently managing traffic and distribution in Europe, through groups of affiliates and supporters. For several years now, this terrorist organization has been involved in all phases of drug production“The percentage of drugs that institutions and governments traditionally manage to seize is around 10 percent.

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