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The poster of the event

Invited to the cloister of the municipality Titti Postiglione, Chiara Tommasini, Elisabetta Lancellotta and Antonella Iammarino. The event, organized with Ussi, will be valid as a training course for journalists thanks to the Regional Order

ISERNIA. A rose day, no. In any case, colored by shades of red, the color of this hot summer, but above all what best indicates the passion and selflessness with which theand women fill their profession and their daily lives in general.

A unique and often revolutionary touch that often allows us to go beyond barriers and discrimination, to always place social issues at the center of the debate and that will be the center of the day organized in Isernia of CSV MoliseVolunteer Services Center, in the person of President Gian Franco Massaro, in collaboration with Ussi Molise, Italian Sports Press Union, Friday 1 July.

Starting from 5 pm, in the cloister of the Palazzo San Francesco a national event will begin with the public and journalists, special guests on the topic ‘The revolution of women at the head of the Third Sector and sport, emergency and information in the testimonies of the front line’.
Titti Postiglione, deputy head of the National Department of Civil Protection, will arrive in Isernia for the first time. The emergency professional, dedicated for about 20 years to the management of earthquakes and other natural disasters, in recent years has also dealt with the Universal Civil Service, to return ‘home’ to the Department, along with Fabrizio Curcio. With her will be Chiara Tommasini, number one of CSVnet, the association of Italian service centers, the first woman to lead Italian volunteering, chosen exactly one year ago, included among the 54 women in 2021 by the Corriere della Sera .

In addition, among the speakers Elisabetta Lancellotta, national councilor of Conifirst Molise woman and first citizen of this region to play the prestigious role of the Olympic Committee, provincial delegate of the Coni Point d’Isernia and the Paralympic Committee, a professional who has always been involved in the world of sport. and the diffusion of the values ​​of the different disciplines, fresh of the organization of the National Day of the Sport. Also on stage Antonella Iammarino, a journalist from Molise, for years at the helm of Unicef and director of the online magazine Colibrì, a newspaper in the sector and a benchmark in the social world. Continuously conducts and promotes volunteer activities.

Next to them the director of the CSV Molise Lorena Minottia young professional from Isernina who, after a long stay abroad, a couple of years ago chose to return and embrace the cause of volunteering, putting his experience gained in the field of entrepreneurship and the social.

To moderate the work the journalist Valentina Ciarlante, for a year at the head of Ussi Molisethe first woman at the national level to hold the position of president of a regional group of the Sports Press Union.

Above and greetings from the Mayor of Isernia Piero Castrataro, the Councilor for Social Policies Leda Ruggiero, the President of the Order of Journalists Vincenzo Cimino and the President of Assostampa Molise Giuseppe Di Pietro.

The City Council, the Order and the press association, as well as the Regional Department of Civil Protection headed by Manuel Brasiello and the Coni Molise, chaired by Vincenzo D’Angelo, intend to sponsor this event which provides for the allocation of credits training for journalists. .

In addition, the day is part of the program of initiatives focused on social issues that sees the joint collaboration of Sport and National Health and the USI.

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