With the 10th Reale Mutua Monza Montevecchia wins solidarity [risultati e classifiche]

Everything worked, even the details. In the tenth edition of the Reale Mutua Monza Montevecchia Eco Trail, the Monza Marathon Team confirmed that the Sport, Friendship and Solidarity formula is the winner.

I al word solidarity can be combined with a figure that is 108,500 euros which corresponds to the total given in these ten years of editions. This year the payment has gone to Sailing boat educated projectvo, training and therapy for people with disabilities, and for the preparation of a van del C.omune de Montevecchia for the transportation of people with disabilities. A race that never stopped, even during the darkest year of the pandemic, when a virtual edition was created.
The Monza-Montevecchia, let us remember, was an event that took place in the 70s with always the idea of ​​starting from Monza and reaching Montevecchia. The route was on asphalt, while when the Monza Marathon Team decided to propose it again 10 years ago, they wanted to do it in “eco” and “trail”. An excellent vision that pleases and continues to please the hundreds of athletes who participate each year.

And since the event is mostly a competitive foot race, let’s start with the sports results. They took first place in the overall standings Loris Mandelli I Simone Pareti (Business & Sport 1) in 2h, 15’28 “; between female couples Antonella Sirtori I Riboldi eyeshadow in 2h, 59’44 “(The Rebels); between mixed pairs Giovanna Terraneo I Ivano Carrozzino in 2h, 38’39 “(Els de la Marcia). In the fastest ever, in addition to the different prizes, also the work printed on all the numbers, created by the boys of the Facciavista association.

On the second step of the podium for men we find the team formed by El Mazoury Ahmed and Dario Rigonelli (in 2h, 22 ‘, 42 “), in the female category the couple Monica Cagliani and Ilaria Lanzani (in 3h, 07’58”) and for the mixed category. the silver goes to the pair formed by Jessica Galleani and Massimo Tagliaferri (in 2h, 50 ‘, 39 ”).

The bronze medal instead he went to the neck for the men’s category of the duo formed by Matteo Arrigoni and Daniele Tentori with a time of 2h, 29 ′, 46 ”; to the female couple Giuditta De Vecchi and Marta Tresoldi with a time of 3h, 08 ‘, 34 “and to the mixed couple formed by Chiara Fumagalli and Matteo Riccardo Speziale (our director! ed) with a time of 2h, 57’, 19 “.

Speed ​​Trophy – Viatris”It was awarded to the fastest couples from the start to the start of Monza Park. Between the men’s teams Loris Mandelli and Simone Paredi first 16 ‘, 15 “, between the mixed pairs Giovanna Terraneo and Ivano Carrozzino in 18’, 48” and between the women’s pairs Ombretta Riboldi and Antonella Sirtori in 20 ‘, 38 “.

They received the award “Mountain Grand Prix – Vetraria Cogliati“, The time trial lasts about two kilometers, ending in the Piazza di Montevecchia, between the first men’s teams Loris Mandelli and Simone Paredi in 16 ‘, 19”, between the mixed pairs Chiara Fumagalli and Matteo Speziale in 19’, 30 . “and among female couples Giuditta De Vecchi Marta Tresoldi in 23 ‘, 20”.

He Elio and Matteo trophy was assigned to the youngest finalist to remember two young athletes, Elio Bonavita and Matteo Trenti, who died prematurely due to two traffic accidents in 2015 in Monza. This year the trophy went to Matteo Florian, born in 1999, originally from Cesano Maderno.

And so also ended the tenth edition a party in the alpine chalet, where athletes, organizers and many volunteers gathered. Missing appointment for next year, for the eleventh gallop from Monza to, of course, Montevecchia.


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