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Summer Hits 2022: here are the most popular songs for next summer.

There are also a lot of songs to dance to this summer! As always, many of them are the result of the work of Italian artists, but we are sure that there are many other foreign singers willing to offer us their successes.

Get in touch with the editors of GingerGeneration.it what will be the slogans this year. The article will be updated week after week with the release of the new songs!

Summer Hits 2022: Click on the title of the text

Fedez with Tananai and Mara Sattei

He thought of opening the happiest musical season of the year Faith. The sweet life is his new single, with Tananai and Mara Sattei for Columbia Records / Sony Music.

The piece, like its notes, catapults us into the carefree, cheerful and fun atmosphere of the 60s. The years of the economic boom, the years when the holidays become a ritual for all Italians. The sea, the sun, the boys and girls playing on the beach and dancing the twist are the protagonists of this scene.

A piece to dance and sing, a hymn to joy, the joy of living and the desire to fall in love. The video, directed by Olmo Parenti and produced by Borotalco.tv, was shot on the beaches of Rimini.

The sweet life Fedez Tananai Mara set

Donatella Rector with Tancredi, Elodie

Donatella Rector i Tancredformer competitor of Amici di Maria De Filippi, are the unreleased couple of the new single I do it myselftwo generations in comparison united by the theme and sound of the song.

The song, with the character of disco music, reinterpreted today, is produced by Luca Chiaravalli and Giordano Colombo and is a hymn to emancipation, to the freedom to live sexuality as you see fit without taboos, expressed with fun and without malice. .

Tribal it is instead the registered summer Elodieproduced by ITACA and written by Federica Abbate and Jacopo Ettorre, as well as by the singer herself.

The Boomdabash, Takagi and Ketra

The hitmakers duet is back with another explosive collaboration, Tropicana. After Alessandra Amoroso and Baby K, this time the group of Apulian origin has had a summer success with Annalisa.

Speaking of the piece, the band said, “Tropicana is an explosion of pure energy that aims to give joy, happiness and only good vibes. Music has the great power to unite people and give us positive emotions trying to distract us from the thousands of daily difficulties.“.

Takagi and Ketra they certainly could not miss the appeal and this time it is a completely unexpected collaboration: with Tha Supreme and Salmo.

After previous successes with Giusy Ferreri, Bubble however, it’s summer anti-smash, a theme that evokes the techno-rave sounds of the 90s when rappers ventured with fast tempos to light up dance floors around the world.

boomdabash - tropicana

The boys of Amici di Maria de Filippi

Shock is the most recent unreleased single released by Saint John and is included in the digital song list of his new album, Autumn fly.

A song that promises to be one of the slogans of the summer of 2022, thanks to a sound with an attractive rhythm and a text that wants to capture teenagers from all over Italy.

Also from the world of Amici, this summer there is also space for the rhythmic piece of the current winner Luigi Strangis, Save me tonight and that of his fellow adventurers Albe and Sissi: Karma I Surt.

Aka7even meanwhile he returns with his new single Touch for Columbia Records Italy / Sony Music Italy. The song is a super collaboration with one of the most beloved Italian rappers, Guè Pequeno!

Louis - video - hug me tonight

Rocco Hunt: The King of Achievements 2022?

Having made himself known and loved by the Italian public by collaborating with artists such as Rocco Hunt, Fred De Palma and Federico Rossi, Ana Mena returns with the new single Midnight.

The song is produced by Andres Torres and Mauricio Rengifo and mixed by Tom Norris. The Italian adaptation of the text was edited by Jacopo Ettorre.

The urban poet Rocco Hunt returns, however, with its summer success Caramelaccompanied by Elettra Lamborghini and Lola Indigo. Caramel was written by Rocco with Federica Abbate and Davide Petrella and was produced by Zef.

After the duet with the hitmakers of Salento Boomdabash, in the notes of Fantastic, and with Ana Mena inside A sudden kissthe urban poet is preparing to be one of the absolute musical protagonists of this summer.

ana takes at midnight

Fred De Palma and Baby K with Mika

Also the king of Italian reggaeton Fred de Palma has already been heard with a new summer song.

In fact, Fred has released another piece in the name of reggaeton, Ecstasy. The song, produced by Takagi and Ketra, is a mix between the Latin rhythms of working-class neighborhoods and the urban world, a hymn to the freedom to live, love, have fun, get lost and find and be together after the past period.

Bolero it is, instead, the new summer affected Baby Kthis time with the special collaboration of Mika.

Let yourself be wrapped up in what is a piece that confirms the evolutionary path that the artist has already taken and that, in this new song, sees her close to one of the most original pop composers of this generation.

bolero nadó k

Federico Rossi, RIKI and Il Tre

These three young artists also fit perfectly into this summer’s music scene. Fede Rossi with his Le Mans which incorporates images of race cars and a Steve McQueen film.

RIKI, behind the wheel Ferrari Blanc takes us for a run at sea and in the summer. The Tre, on the other hand, transports us to the mood of the 60s with the exciting pace of Boogie Woogie and his energetic rhymes.

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