Thus, different cultures influence behaviors. Genital mutilation

Prevention courses against female genital mutilation (mgf). Amref Health Africa-Italy is one of the largest health NGOs on the African continent. The victims of this inhuman practice in Italy alone there are more than 80,000. “Let’s start with competition. And from the consciousness of one mutual influence. What do different cultures have about individual and collective behaviors, explain the promoters of the initiative. The training days will be held in Padua, Rome and Turin in the coming weeks. In October in Milan “. The aim is to build bridges of dialogue between the cultures. For health promotion.mutilation

Training days

Opportunities for collective commitment, knowledge and solidarity. Will be held in Padua, Rome and Turin, in the coming weeks, the training days. Rome 23 and 24 June. Padua 27 and 28 June. Turin June 30 and July 1. In October in Milan. He female genital mutilation (mgf) are forms of sexist violence. They violate human rights. And they have negative effects on development processes. Commitment the women’s capacity for self-determination. The most recent survey was conducted by Bicocca University. For Department of Equal Opportunities. And it reveals the presence of 87,600 women uprooted in Italy. Of which 7,600 minors. And another 4,600 at risk. In Italy there are specific provisions of the Ministry of Health. “However, a holistic approach is lacking,” stresses Amref Health Africa-Italy.mutilation

P-ACT project

The P-ACT project contributes to building bridges gaps in territorial services and networks. Related to the competencies and approaches of the personnel of the sectors involved. As it emerged from the first phase of detection of training needs of the project. In fact, knowledge of the subject is often limited. And in reference especially to the cases where the practice has already taken place. Therefore, it is especially necessary, from a preventive point of view, to work on it. In order to increase knowledge of the phenomenon. Factors. And possible risk indicators. Involving everyone professional roles. And contact services with families and minors. As well as facilitating coordinated and multidisciplinary interventions of all involved. From health to the social sphere. From the educational field to the school. From the legal field to the public safety.mutilation

In contact with families

To this day, fromstart of the project, we worked in all four cities to identify needs. And dialogue with services and professionals. In contact with foreign families and minors. Involving all sectors. And promoting networking already active in the territories. The dialog is initiating specific actions. De capacity building. And intercultural training for operators. Awareness of professional associations. Advocacy actions on decision makers. Experimental actions of ethnocultural mediation. For the activation of services. In support of the minor foreign victims. Or potential victims female genital mutilation.

Training days

Training days will be held in the four identified cities. Aimed at a plurality of professionals. Scholars. Health sector activists. Social. Educational. Legal. And hospitality. The intention is contribute to the construction of bridges. Among the topics of the intercultural approach and health promotion. And the realities of the subjects involved. Valuing the comparison between the different perspectives of the field. P-ACT is a project funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the Ministry of the Interior. Coordinated by Amref Health Africa Italy. In collaboration with the Italian Society of Migration Medicine. Association “There is no peace without justice”. University of Milan Bicocca. I Coordination of New Italian Generations. It aims help strengthen prevention. And the fight against sexist violence. Represented by female genital mutilation (mgf). Towards foreign minors. By the right actions. And system interventions.

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