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The football community It’s called Bomber presented yesterday in Milan, at the headquarters of Hellodì, The great critique of footballthe summer homework book published with Rizzoli, this week in bookstores at 1:90 p.m.

The book, a manual with more than a thousand questionnaires and questions designed, conceived and reworked by the Calling oneself Bomber community in a great collective work, has been written and edited by Riccardo Russo (founder of the Callingself Bomber community along with Giammarco Brega) I Daniel VilaRds author and community contributor for years.

“Il Grande Ripasso di Calcio” is a cross between a monographic week of puzzles and a holiday book like the ones given to the school at the end of the school year and will literally make all football fans dream of abstaining from the Championship and the World Cup.

“A book to consume, not to keep intact in your library. Nearly one hundred and fifty pages of questions, crossword puzzles, anecdotes, and riddles to fill with pencils. And then it’s an interactive book, you can challenge your friends and share the results on social media, “explains Riccardo Russo.” Also perfect as a beach cushion, given the beautiful large format, “cleverly comments co-author Daniele Villa.

The journalist of Free Fabrizio Biasin. Special guests at the event also Martirossonera, influencer and journalist (according to the biography of the most popular social network), who played with the audience asking some of the questions in the volume; and Lisa Offside, Youtuber, collaborator of Calling herself Bomber, but above all “the only one of us who really knows how to dribble” the authors flattered her, knowing her skills as a former footballer.

Two columns played the role of the stars during the presentation of “Il Grande Ripasso di calcio”. The column “Slidingdoors”, an original idea of ​​Villa, a kind of “change of perspective” in which one imagines different endings than those that really happened in key matches (“if Roberto Carlos had not scored the famous free kick, he would certainly have hit someone’s car in the parking lot “) and the riddles of” Guess Bomber “. This last column is a kind of “Guess Who” of the ball; Martirossonera enjoyed questioning the audience in the room. “He’s left-handed, he played in Italy and Spain, he loves ice, who is he?” and below squeezing the brain in a crescendo of difficulty from the eighth to the final.
An important part of the book is also devoted to Fantasy Football, another game that fascinates, binds and unravels twenty-year-old friendships in a championship race, which in addition to being a challenge is also an excuse to stay together. “Remember always – Lisa Offside takes the floor, a big fan of the game – is Fantasy Football the first rule?” Silence in the room “Obviously crying, although not always necessary …”.
Finally, from the book’s preface, Russo and Villa write: “First of all, we want to apologize to everyone if from today on the list of bookstore writers you can find Calling Yourself Bomber in the letter C, just between Bukowski and Dostoevsky. We didn’t think all this could happen and you probably think you’ve already seen it all. In fact, the day Rizzoli contacted us to offer us the bet for this book we thought of a bad taste joke … That’s why we’d also like to apologize! “
Instead, everything is true.

Who is called Bomber
The fact of being called Bomber is the oldest football community on the web, present on all social networks and has about 5 million total followers. Founded on December 13, 2010 on Facebook by a group of close friends like Riccardo Russo and Giammarco Brega, it was originally called “Call yourself a Bomber between friends without apparent sporting merit.” Once the brand became popular, the community has adapted to all social media and has definitively changed the account name to Call oneself Bomber. Social media is his realm: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Youtube and from June 2022 also land in the bookstore with “The Great Critique of Football”, Rizzoli editions.

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