The Panathlon Awards are once again celebrating sport and study this year

A great success was the 2022 edition of the Panathlon Awards “Excellent athlete, excellent”, held on June 8 at the Archibugio de Ferrara, in the presence of valuable guests such as the Olympic Luca Rambaldi, the Governor of Area 5 Emilia – Romagna and Marche of the Panathlon, Francesco Franceschetti, the Councilor for Sports of the Municipality of Ferrara Andrea Maggi and, on behalf of the University of Ferrara, Professor Gianni Mazzoni.

During the evening, as Club president Luciana Boschetti Pareschi recalled, the great talent of the young athletes to dedicate themselves to the study was once again highlighted, while at the same time cultivating very high level results in both the competition. as in school.

In parallel with the Panathlon Awards, awarded by a special commission in accordance with the limits imposed by the specific regulations, other important awards have been given to athletes who have distinguished themselves especially this year but are not eligible for candidacy. In addition, two “Ethics Plates” were awarded, an instrument with a double value that Panathlon International has endowed to spread the values ​​of sports ethics and fair play and reward virtuous sports associations, an instrument that the club ferrarese hopes to make great use of it in the near future.

It should be remembered that also this year the awards were accompanied by a scholarship.

Here are the winners of the evening with their reasons. Let’s start with those who received the highlight of the evening, the Panathlon Award, which was for Sara Masotti ( Csr Ju Jitsu Cento Asd – Ju Jitsu) born in 2006, attending the Iis F.lli Taddia di Cento and winner of the 2021 Italy Cup; Azzurra Bovina (Centro Universitario Sportivo Ferrara Asd – Paralympic Weightlifting) from Ferrara, born in 2004, attending Carducci High School, Italian junior champion and record paragliding cat.67kg; Nicolò Astori (Asd Triathlon Pavese for Triathlon and Asd Atletica Estense for running) born in Ferrara in 2004, attending the “A. Roiti ”is absent, very justified: his motivation was in fact updated only two days later, with the conquest of the Sprint Duathlon world title in Transylvania.

As for the special awards, the mentions were for Simone Pappalepore, Pietro Gilli and Victor Kushnir (Centro Universitario Sportivo Ferrara Asd – Rem) for “In 2021 to frame”, as there is no other way to define its extraordinary season. Among others, the most important “speaking agonist” guest of the evening, Luca Rambaldi, was called to award them, thus having the opportunity to also leave a recognition, for the Olympic participation and for the historic 2019 World Gold; to Giulia Bassini (Asd Sordi Citanò – Double Tennis Specialty) for the recent “Bronze Deaflympics” medal, the Silent Olympic Games, a historic event, the longest of the Paralympics, which awards the highest world prizes to these athletes; to Karim Gouda Said Hassan (Aniene Asd Rowing Club – Paralympic Swimming), who would have had all the qualifications to receive the award, were it not for the fact that he already received it 4 years ago. For the blind swimmer, motivation is more than anything an incentive, because for him the “Road To Paris 2024”, after what he has done in the water in these two years, is to cover his arm behind arm.

At the end of the evening the Ethics Plaques were handed out, to the great satisfaction of the Governor of the Panathlon Franceschetti for the use that the club is making of this precious tool. They were ceded to Erica Cavalieri and Massimo Corà by Atlética Corriferrara Asd, with the aim of recognizing the intense activity developed in recent years and to adorn the splendid headquarters of the association that has just been supplied by the Ferrara Administration. in what is considered the beginning of the current route through the city walls; the other Targa Etica was, for the great social action carried out in the territory to which it belongs, Porotto, to a sports club that this year also had many celebrations in terms of competitive results, the Polisportiva X Martiri Asd, represented by the Director Sportsman Riccardo Alberani and captain Piero Fumarola.

Great satisfaction from President Pareschi, the entire board and members of the club for how the evening went, despite the bad weather, with the unanimous gratitude of guests and winners, all very excited by the award received. In this sense, it is necessary to emphasize the great presence of the Paralympic world, as they emphasized during the evening the delegate of the Cip Giuseppe Alberti and the director of Casp Mauro Borghi (both partners of the club).

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