“That’s how we choose the players. Football is not mathematics “- Corriere.it

from Monica Colombo

Two old lions roar again in the summer returning to Monza and Cremonese in Serie A. The fraternal friends agree: “To focus on a player you need to know his character and family situation.”

Apart from moneyball and algorithms. Two old lions roar again, stepping on the transfer market stages, entering hotels at a leisurely pace, or dodging the cameras with a gentle motion. Per Adriano Galliani, who held his first transfer session with Monza in 1975, after more than ninety editions of business flights, blitz and Condor, this summer has a particular flavor: five years after his farewell from Milan, he returns to form a competitive roster for Series A.. “Want to know what mantra I’m repeating to players and agents for next season? It has taken us 110 years to win the Serie A and we cannot return to the Serie B in a single season ”.

The other dragon that roams the corridors of corporate offices and restaurants is Ariedo Braida, with her cheerful neck of eternal youth, impeccable with her dandy dresses. He brought Rijkaard and Shevchenko to Milan, lived the golden years of the Devil until 2013, when his farewell came, a victim of the revolution operated by Barbara Berlusconi. After giving up the whim of working in Barcelona, ​​he joined Cremonese as a strategic advisor. “The miracle of the promotion is from the company, not mine. I alone could not have done anything.

One wonders where these “kids” find the stimuli to relate to in a world where basic grammar has been totally revolutionized. “Football follows the dynamics of life: o

ra Technology provides football with a wealth of information that did not exist before
“Says Galliani.” In my early days as a coach, in the 1970s, when a club was looking for a Brazilian, he called Lamberto Giuliodori or Antonio Rosellini, two Italians destined for South America, and they asked me, ‘I need a center forward. “And they, as forerunners of Scouting, depending on their preferences, whether they were strong or moving, offered you profiles. And they were almost never wrong,” recalls the general manager of the Brianza area. “There were no satellite images and an infinite paucity of information was imposed. Then the applications with which player data or injury history were collected were born.”

Braida, although in modern football it seems impossible to ignore the algorithms to find the right player, seems skeptical. “The final choice has to be made by the manager: there are values ​​and feelings that only the human eye and sensitivity can assess and that escape any database. Football is not mathematics, two plus two does not always make four ”.

Galliani, between the request to Real Madrid by Borja Mayoral and the blitz at the Nerazzurri headquarters of Pinamonti, Sensi and Pirola, recalls that with Milan Lab he was a pioneer in 1998 putting technology at the service of doctors and coaches. “It’s better to have bad information than to have none. But to bet on a player you need to know your character and family situation.” Now he has the problem of taming prosecutors. Milan, we will set up a squad with two strong players per position “.

Braida talks about Inter’s Radu, finds a changed landscape (“the weight of agents has increased compared to the past”) and defines Galliani as “a master”. “I learned my trade from him: when I played in Monza instead of having dinner with my teammates, I sat at the board of directors. I wanted to steal all the secrets.

Galliani calls him brother
. “When I was in the hospital for Covid, I called my family home and reassured them. ‘Don’t worry, he won’t leave me a widower.'”

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