Television and anorexia, Fialdini ‘delicate subject, it’s a pandemic’ – Teen

In the last two years marked by covid and social isolation there has been “an impressive increase in cases of anorexia, bulimia and eating disorders and the age has dropped a lot. We need to monitor closely the social networks where especially the they make challenges, challenges for those who manage to lose weight faster, resist longer without drinking, or eat more in a few minutes. ”Making even more widespread a phenomenon already so widespread and widespread that it involves millions of people:“ now it’s a pandemic. “
Francesca Fialdini, presenter of the television program Rai3 Fame d’Amore, also in the face of the recent controversy that has caused a stir in the media.
The case is that of a television casting for “anorexic girls” – “We are looking for girls aged 20 to 25 who suffer from eating disorders”: it was the announcement, later withdrawn – for which the producer Corima apologized subsequently (“The research was not aimed at finding people willing to participate in the Forum’s program as ‘contenders.’ However, that video was as involuntary as it obviously produced an effect contrary to its purpose.”) .
“Talking about it on TV is fine but not using the web ‘hunting’ is very dangerous. You have to be careful, they are very delicate issues.”
Fialdini goes on to give examples: the attractiveness of the family of an 11-year-old boy from Ferrara, who suffers from anorexia, who has only now found an emergency room in Sant’orsola, “is the real face of the disorders of the But the problem is that how many days you can stay there, there is no protocol for the long stay. A mother of a 12-year-old girl wrote to me some time ago telling me a similar story: she realized that the situation was getting worse, then investigator explained that at school the teacher had done an exercise on the fat and lean dough, and then had read aloud the weight of each, it was enough with the comment of a little boy. To reassure his daughter he took her to a nutritionist who explained to her that she had a weight in the norm, to then comment sure to get out of your head that you are like Belen “. Here, Fialdini points out, “I think, after continuing and continuing to prepare the stories of girls and boys struggling to get out of a tunnel made of anguish, fears, hopes, entering their lives, those of their families and teams of two avant-garde. ‘stage’.
Fialdini, then, points out: “these young people, the doctors and experts who follow them, tell us, they hear them utter phrases like” I want to be a feather but sooner or later the feather flies away. “
They play with their body because they think they can control it, or draw attention to themselves. Or when a girl who no longer eats looks at herself reflected in a mirror, what she sees is not the real image but the imaginary idea, endangering their lives. It is a problem that affects millions of people in Italy and that sees many parents, teachers and adults unable to cope.
They occur in 20% of cases in young people between 8 and 12 years, in 50% in young people between 15 and 25 years and only in 30% of cases over 25 years. DCAs represent the most deadly psychiatric illness. But also care. “In Italy we have advanced – he continues – in January, eating disorders were included among the essential levels of care, which means available funds and more treatment possibilities.” Fame D’amore, which has the Biagio Agnes award, and Moige, will return next season no doubt also for its social importance, is the most voted program of Rai3 after the Fazio table and the ninth among all television channels . (MANAGE).

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