Rome, Mourinho: ‘The key to success? It’s all a matter of strategy ‘

The Giallorossi coach explains to Sky Sports: “My evolution at 60? Is it in the nature of those who want to stay in football for many years. The key to success, however, is always the same, and it is the strategy. People follow. you. if they trust and believe in you “

Grow, change and evolve to keep winning, despite 60 years and an enviable track record, enriched in the season that just ended with the Conference League victory. José Mourinho, Roma coachsays in the exclusive interview with Sky Sports: “The key to success remains the same: it’s all a matter of strategy. You can’t predict everything, but the more prepared you are, the more you can devote yourself to training. Unpredictability can be reduced and this seems to make elections and decisions easier. We know that football matches involve risks, but we must try to reduce them by preparing as best we can. ” The Special spoke after his personal evolution and the desire to get involved again despite his almost 60 years: “It’s the nature of someone who wants to stay in football for many years. If you are not in love with football and you have achieved everything there is to achieve in football, stop and enjoy your medals. And enjoy your life outside of football. But if you like football, you don’t want to give up. You need to have the motivations in your DNA. “

“People follow you if they believe in you: that’s leadership”

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The victories, the ones collected in the race by Mourinho, also came thanks to a great leadership, a quality that has always distinguished him. “If I’m a natural leader? I wouldn’t say it. In fact, when I was young I would say I was a silent leader. But my job doesn’t allow me to be a silent leader, as it is in my nature. I have to always be in front of everyone, I have to communicate continuously through the media and that makes a big difference, “say the Portuguese. Thinking about young people:” The young man of 2000 is different from the young man of the 2022. Leadership means people have to follow you. And to follow you, they must believe in you. They usually believe in you if they feel empathy, if they feel honesty. In my personal case as a leader, this means exactly the responsibility of not disappointing your co-workers. You have to be with them and for them all the time. They have to trust you. “

“Relationship with players? It’s like when you go to a restaurant …”


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Mourinho then answered a question about him relationship with the players: “Like when you go to a restaurant and a la carte food. You have to know them, know everything about them. You don’t have to look at them all the same, because they are all different. ” Finally, the Special added: “My record of victories in England, Portugal, Italy and Spain? I would add that in these four countries I won very, very soon. I didn’t have to be there three, four or five years to win. It happened immediately, in the first or at the latest in the second season. I think this is because I have tried to understand the team, I have studied and I have tried to make the most of the differences, trying to put my ideas into practice but at the same time respecting local cultures and in my case also the feeling and the local approach to play “.

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