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60 ‘Diouf puts in a cross.

58 ‘Baldanzi turns but does not find the far post.

56 ‘Deflected shot by Baldanzi that ends up in the hands of the goalkeeper.

54 ′ Balanced match that travels in the shots of the individuals.

52 ′ Zacchi’s miracle on Cisse’s shot from inside the area.

50 ′ CROSS OF COPPOLA head after the assistance of Volpato.

48 ′ Ambrosino attempts the play from midfield, ends up above the posts. Applause from the stadium for courage.

46 ‘The second half begins!

18.23 Italy play a splendid first half of the match that culminated in the goal of Volpato. Two mistakes, however, lead the French ahead both in terms of outcome and morally.

See you soon for the second half!

47 ′ The first half ends, Italy-France U19 1-2.

45 ‘France pressing in this first final part.

43 ‘There will be four minutes of recovery.

41 ‘Volpato are pushing forward but the ball goes wide.

39 ‘Turricchia with his body avoids the third goal.

37 ′ Italy who makes two mistakes, which have been transformed into a network without hesitation by France.

35 ′ Goals from France, Tchaounaa serious defensive error by Zacchi who gives the ball to the Transalpines who find Da Silva assisting Tchaouna, Italy-France U19 1-2.

33 ‘Tchaouna takes a throw-in in the opponent’s half of the field

31 ‘Transalpine using the away team to open the Italian defensive box.

29 ′ France now pressing.

27 ′ France that now comes out with the quality of the individuals, the breathing phase of Italy.

25 ′ Italy that must continue as it was doing.

23 ‘Defensive error that allowed the Transalpines to shoot from distance.

21 ‘ Goals from France, Da Silvaspectacular network from a distance, Italy-France U19 1-1.

19 ′ Press again from Italy.

17 ′ Italy that is playing very well, France that only plays with individuals.

15 ′ Goooooooooooooooooooool, Volpatoooooooooooooooooextraordinary Ambrosino that with a tunnel serves to Volpato that is not mistaken with the right, Italy-France U19 1-0.

13 ′ Degli Innocenti sends high over the crossbar.

11 ′ The French are dangerous with Ba but cover Coppola on the outside.

9 ′ Very high sides for Italy, Turicchia tries to increase its range of action.

7 ‘Left-footed shot by Ba. Attention to the outside, we need the doubling of the midfielders.

5 ′ Tension of the ball from Italy, excellent initial attitude.

3 ′ Contact in the area, for the referee is not criminal.

1 “The game begins!

17.25 Players go out on the field, national anthems in progress.

17.20 The two ranked teams play at the head of the group.

17.15 A lot of rotation of the two teams, especially from Italy which leaves many owners on the bench.

17.10 Here are the formations officers:

FRANCE: Lienhard, Pereira, Zoukrou, Camara, Semedo; Da Silva, Bondo, Diouf; Ba, Tchaouna, Cisse. Available Lo-Tutala, Hajdam, Doukoure, Isaak Toure, Adeline, Ben Seghir, Archonte, Bonny, Virginius (tots. Chauvin).

Italy: Zacchi, Turicchia, Stivanello, Coppola, Fontanarosa; Terracciano, Degli Innocenti, Fazzini, Baldanzi; Volpato, Ambrosino. Available Desplanches, Ghilardi, Giovane, Fabbian, Casadei, Miretti, Faticanti, Nasti (annex Nunziata).

17.05 Good afternoon and welcome to the live match of the Italy-France U19 match, Euro 2022.

Good afternoon and welcome to the text LIVE Italy-France U19, European Championships 2022, challenge for the group leader.

The under-19 coach of Italy Weather in Nunziata after the victories against Romania and Slovakia it arrives at the direct confrontation with France by the group leader. The initial formation of the azzurri should not differ much from the view against Slovakia with Miretti as an offensive midfielder against Ambrosino and Nasti.

Summoned Italy U19:

The goalkeepers: Sebastiano Desplanches (Milan), Gioele Zacchi (Sassuolo);

Defenders: Diego Coppola (Hellas Verona), Alessandro Fontanarosa (Inter), Daniele Ghilardi (Hellas Verona), Gabriele Mulazzi (Juventus), Riccardo Stivanello (Bologna), Filippo Terracciano (Hellas Verona), Riccardo Turicchia (Juventus);

Midfielders: Cesare Casadei (Inter), Duccio Degli Innocenti (Empoli), Giovanni Fabbian (Inter), Giacomo Faticanti (Rome), Jacopo Fazzini (Empoli), Samuel Giovane (Atalanta), Fabio Miretti (Juventus);

Forwards: Giuseppe Ambrosino Di Bruttopilo (Naples), Tommaso Baldanzi (Empoli), Marco Nasti (Milan), Cristian Volpato (Rome).

Party: Italy-France Sub 19
Data: 24/06/2022
Hours: 17.30 h
Canal: Rai Sport


FRANCE (4-3-3): Lo-Total; Zokrou, Doukoure, Touré, Semedo; Ba, Adeline, Da Silva; Virginius, Bonny, Tchaouna.

Italy (4-3-1-2): Desplanches; Mulazzi, Ghilardi, Coppola, Young; Fabbian, Faticanti, Casadei; Miretti; Ambrosino, Nasti.

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