My mid-morning next to Nicola and so much human beauty from the beautiful city

from Franco Cimino

Yesterday morning I met Nicola Fiorita in Corso Mazzini, he came from the town ”(where he will definitely return from Monday), coming down from San Giovanni. We “crossed” near the Chamber of Commerce. We were both determined to the same goal, seeking the votes for the mayor of Fiorita. I accompanied him for a while. Entering the shops was a veiled joy of sadness. We saw, in fact, we played with a handshake and a high five, that whoever received us was opening up to hope. Total hope that things can change soon and quickly. Also, and above all, in that extraordinary little world, commonly defined as the Historic Center, but which are more plastically three things in one: the old hall to be rediscovered; the elegant and winding connection between the old city and that which aspired to modernity, including town planning; the gentle descent to that balcony of Bellavista, from where to put all the eyes, not only to contemplate our beautiful sea. Throw your eyes, yes, with your own hands, so at the first contact with him you can recover them with the blue that colors them. And then they say I’m exaggerating when I define Catanzaro as the most beautiful city in the world. Some laugh at it with contempt, others accuse me of poetry in a way.

But I am not discouraged by the ideas and passions rooted in me and I keep thinking about it. And say it. The sadness that veils this hope can be read openly in the face of our merchants. A face saddened by the accounts that do not add up and by the negative relationship between commitment and results, investments and economy. Of the enormous effort for too long suspended in the void of a new time that does not come. And then that fear of not succeeding, which vain waiting entrusts to resignation and forced election to close. He lowers the shutters and leaves, with the only concern of having been able to settle debts with third parties, the other victims of a crisis that does not work. Because the people of Catanzaro are honest, dignified, proud, not “poorly paid” people.

A small shop resolves this veil in painful sadness. The person who runs it, all kind, elegant and beautiful, gives a high five to La Fiorita and says verbatim: “I’m not going to vote. Tomorrow this store will be closed and I don’t want to know about the elections. “Nicola’s answer was also mine, almost said together, although I had a little more left:” go to the polls, don’t escape this possibility of the what happens to the future of these places and the whole city. . Don’t score me or pick who you want, but wait just two weeks before closing. I also ask you please. I ask for love from Catanzaro, to him who, working here with a spirit of enormous sacrifice, is stronger than mine, than ours.

I don’t ask him to have faith, not even to have patience. I just ask you to wait two weeks. ”I who stayed there longer and was able to focus on those eyes, which in the meantime had become four, I don’t know if those two will vote on Sunday and if Nicola will vote. But “I’m sure they’ll be waiting for these two weeks. Why did they regain confidence in the institutions? Probably not. But, paradoxically, they’ve taken some of what Nicola has with him and the whole soul of his commitment and that of the army of men and women fighting with him to change both politics and the city.We do other meetings on the street and in some other shop.However, the time has passed quickly and we must necessarily go.Where is? There is all afternoon and long evening for the electoral arrangements, now that a few thirteen passed, he had to go to his little girl’s house, because he was waiting for his father for lunch.I also move to my house. A hundred yards away and I find a store open. “Let me in,” I say to myself. to a beautiful person, this one is also good, elegant, polite and beautiful. I ask him to vote. I hadn’t asked for it myself a month ago, which gave me more confidence. Gentile replied: “I would have liked to have voted Fiorita and, believe me, I suggest it to some clients and successfully. But I have been living in the Gimigliano area for a few years. Did I get hurt? Is it bad for Catanzaro? “I reply:” It hurts Catanzaro to have lost a resident, and also of its value, if this transfer has been necessary because of a bad relationship between the citizen and the city that does not provide the necessary services for their welfare. It will be good for her and her family, and for the thousands who have made their choice in the neighboring territories, if with Nicola Fiorita will be born the great Catanzaro, (the City of Magna Graecia …) which will be the new one. modern urban reality at the service of a large area and fully equipped to be, in turn, at the service of a modern Calabria. A Calabria, which to grow in wealth and civilization needs a strong and advanced capital.

An exchange of smiles instead of greetings, to tell us that we agreed perfectly. I start happy at home. It’s very hot. Across the street, I see a beautiful lady come down, at a slow pace and with bent shoulders, one of the most beautiful that has ever occurred. She was the teacher of many boys and girls who since that institute have made, thanks also to her teachings, the most exciting path of life. Many have traveled the world successfully, many have stayed here, with the same success. Some took her flight up without ever forgetting her and thanked her for the great knowledge and kindness she received.

This beautiful lady still has in her hand some letters of electoral propaganda that she has left over from the long journey she has humbly made since morning. I’m excited. I don’t have the strength to get attention. Or, he wanted to leave her in his thoughts. They are those of a mother, tender and affectionate. Who thinks of that desired moment when the combined shyness and secrecy, his own and his son’s, will finally be able to be released in a very long hug. Intimate. And liberator too, of all that love they will still want to give to the world. In the city.

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