Mountain world of mourning for Ghezzi, who died in his Grigna

Claudio Ghezzi (center) at the top of the Brioschi Refuge (photo archive)

Disbelief and grief over the disappearance of the 69-year-old mountaineer, the victim of an accident in Grignone

“You leave a big gap, now everything will be different”

MANDELLO / MISSAGLIA – The pain is great the disappearance of Claudio Ghezzimountaineer from Missaglia, victim of tragic accident took place on the morning of Sunday 12 June in Grignone, along the via ferrata to the Sasso dei Carbonari. He “The King of Grigna”as he was known to all, he had been frequenting the Grigne for over 40 years and his ascents to the summit were practically daily (5,600 for profit).

Even today, like many other Sundays, Ghezzi had made a stop at the Brioschi refuge. The mountaineer then joined a friend who was engaged in the Carbonari via ferrata. This is where the accident took place: a foot on an unstable stone that broke and the climber fell. A flight of more than ten meters that did not let him out, as unfortunately found the rescuers who arrived at the scene shortly after 12.30 pm, when the alarm was given.

Ghezzi’s disappearance has left disbelief and pain in the mountain environment where he was well known, as well as for his exploits, for his kindness and availability.

“A big gap”

“Claudio dressed as a mountaineer, thought like a mountaineer and acted as a mountaineer – the memory of president of the Cai di Missaglia Luigi Brambilla – The Grignes were his second home, if you needed advice you would call him. It happened to me just a few days ago, I wanted to go up from Cainallo and I heard him ask about the conditions. Claudio, he continued, was known to everyone, not just in the Province: those who went up to the Brioschi knew him and had the pleasure of talking to us. He was always available, he helped the shelter, he always exchanged a few words. There is a big gap left, we are really incredulous with what happened, he seemed like an indestructible man: in 2011 he had a serious accident but he recovered very well by setting continuous records in his beloved mountains “.

“I am very sad – the comment of the Mayor of Missaglia Bruno Crippa – When I received the news I couldn’t believe it. He knew Claudio well, he was a friend. Who didn’t know him? A Grigne myth, a respectable man and a passionate mountaineer. Our community loses someone special. He is comforted by the fact that he has gone to his world ”.

Friend Sergio Longoni: “The golden ice ax was ready for the 6,000 ascents to Brioschi”

Claudio Ghezzi is also one of the closest friends to mourn Sergio Longoni (Sports Specialist)“I’ve known Claudio all my life, he was from Missaglia, I was from Barzanò,” he recalled over the phone, excited, “I’m incredulous of what happened. He was a very good person, a lover of the mountains, a mountaineer who has made many expeditions, even to the Himalayas. I would have loved to have him as a guest on one of our evenings to give him what we call ‘Golden Pickle’, a certificate of appreciation for our guests ’business. Claudio wanted the record of 6,000 climbs to the top of Grignone, he did not miss many … once he reached the finish line he would have invited him and would have personally given him the ice ax. I won’t be able to do it, I’m so sorry. I will miss a friend, a loved and humble person who did not bother anyone.

Pain in the Brioschi refuge, Ghezzi’s “second home.”

“A while ago he was here, like every day,” he says Alex Torricini, manager of the Brioschi Refuge at the top of Grignone – arrived a few minutes at 9. He told us he was going to meet a friend on the via ferrata. After a few hours, without seeing him return, we worried ”. Great pain accompanied the news of the climber’s death to the shelter. “Brioschi was a second home for him. Many when they were looking for him called here, now everything will be different. But I think that, if it had to happen, it would have been better if it had happened here, in its mountain ”.

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