Miss Italy: another selection of the most beautiful in Lombardy

Parade in the province of Bergamo for the Miss Italy selections: Martina Di Mito, born in 1999, Settimo Milanese, who finished fourth, and Clara Benetti, born in 1999 in Legnano, also took part.

Miss Italy: the selections in the province of Bergamo

An evocative spectacle last night, June 23, 2022, on the wonderful panoramic terrace of the Rossera Golf Club in Chiuduno in the province of Bergamo for the election of the Miss Rossera Golf Club.

An event organized during the day, which began at 2 pm with the casting sessions decreed by the girls who had access to the Miss Italy Lombardy 2022 tour and who were able to join the candidates for Miss already eligible to participate to the selection held in the evening. . The event, organized on the occasion of the Miss Golf Rossera Louisiana Golf competition which began in the afternoon at 3pm and ended at 7pm with the award ceremony, continued with the gala dinner accompanied by the show for the choice of Miss Golf Rossera.

From 4pm to 6.30pm the girls were the protagonists of a very tight program of photo sessions, videos and social activities, during the Louisiana Golf competition to discover the wonders of Golf. In fact, it was possible to follow all day through the IG profiles of Miss Italy Lombardia and Rial Events as well as the profiles of the aspiring Miss who documented step by step their experience through publications, stories and reels, for submit to the public website. There was no shortage of the usual tests to prepare the girls for the evening show, with an attached rolling course by Alessandra Riva that has always been a reference for girls who want to take their first steps in the show business.

The classification of the afternoon

At 8 pm the evening show brought out the aspirants to Masses through the parades with competition jerseys and evening dresses to appreciate their beauty and elegance, and through presentations and performances they had the opportunity to give to get to know each other better. These are the names of the 6 winners (the first 3 go to the Regional Finals) First Regional Final scheduled for today in Lovere but due to adverse weather conditions has been
postponed for tomorrow June 25th.

To win the title of Miss Rossera Golf Club, the coveted crown and the splendid jewel MILUNA that offers the MAVER JEWELERY of Cologno al Serio is Rebecca Gaddi, 24, of Como, 1.75 m, student of osteopathic medicine with the dream of becoming a specialized osteopath. in children and pregnant women; She loves dance, practices modern, contemporary dance, hip hop and Latin American dances, in fact she has brought to the stage a modern dance performance with the tune of Easy on me. The second place with the title of Miss Beauty Rocchetta is Alba Bodon, 24 years old, from Brescia, 1.74 m, pastry chef in a bakery who has made her great passion her job after finishing her studies in Relations International for Marketing, she is the mother of two children: Oliver, who is almost 3 years old, and Celeste, who is almost 1 and a half years old. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and doing outdoor activities with her family
young children and their partner. Third-placed Camilla Ceriani, 21, from Milan, a 1.73 m law student, also works for a company that organizes fairs. Among his passions are foreign languages ​​and travel.

Fourth Martina di Mito 22 years old from Settimo Milanese, 1.73 m, is very close to his family, he loves sports like his father who is a high level swimming coach. He has been practicing synchronized swimming on a competitive level for many years and last night on stage he brought a choreography to the platform as a performance before entering the water, a feature of this discipline. Fifth Elisa Saleri 25 years old from Cusano Milanino, 1.65 m, employee studied in the tourism sector, her passions are sports, cooking and she would like to have the opportunity to travel the world.
Sixth place Alice Asti 23, from Bagnolo Cremasco, 1.68 m, has a twin sister, studied at the Institute of Hairdressers and Beauticians, she is passionate about fashion.

The Bellissima Imetec station installed for the care of the hair of the aspirants to Masses, has allowed them to always be impeccable during the succession of the daily activities and for the nocturnal act. The soundtrack of the evening was curated by Dj Heinstein, known for the genius and energy he manages to convey through his performances.

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The godmothers of the afternoon and the jury

SIMONA PAVIA who won the title of Miss Terrazza Malaspina last Thursday, June 16 at the Terrazza Malaspina Restaurant by David Lloyd Malaspina, 18, in Gussago (BS) 1.75 m of pure beauty and smooth curves, deep eyes, brown hair and a beautiful smile, represents a cross-sectional sample of Italian beauty that convinced the jury with its strong personality and stage presence. MARTINA MAGGI, eyes and brown hair, 18 years old, from Cenate Sopra (BG), 1.77 m tall, slender, loves to do sports, a passion that led her to study science at a sports institute. He has always practiced artistic gymnastics while now practicing athletics on a competitive level
The jury that had the arduous task of preparing the ranking of the evening to the sound of votes was composed of: – Cristian Maver of Maver Jewelery (Miluna) – Sara Conti Miss Cinema Lombardia 2019 – Ettore di Ettore Parrucchiere
– Dr. Vittorio Cadau, Regional Councilor – Dario Di Pilato of DM Industry

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