Jenny Han talks about the differences between the book and the series

After the great success of Every time I’ve written I love you, Jenny Han has officially become synonymous with the rebirth of teenage romantic comedies and has returned with Summer in your eyes. In fact, the writer is the pen of the popular trilogy starring Lana Condor and Noah Centineo and now returns, for the first time as a showrunner, to the television series based on her first trilogy of novels, the Summer trilogy.

Summer in your eyes arrived Prime Video from June 17th and explains the unforgettable summer of Belly Conklin and brothers Conrad and Jeremiah at the Fisher family beach house.

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Summer in your eyes differences between books and TV series:

Adapting a book to a TV series is never easy, especially if the novel is as beloved as Summer in Your Eyes. I had the opportunity to talk to Jenny Han about how she handled this arduous task, mostly to be true to what people love about the story, but managing to modernize and adapt it.

The writer confessed to me that she used three guidelines: try to satisfy the fans of the books, but at the same time create something new for those who had never read them and then think about the necessary changes she would make to the story if she had written. . now and an example of this would be to make Jeremiah a strange character. All this, however, while remaining faithful to the characters and the narrative.

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Summer in Your Eyes and Taylor Swift:

Taylor Swift fans immediately realized that there was a very special song in the Summer in Your Eyes trailer: This love (Taylor version)! It was an unprecedented re-recording based on what it is supposed to be 1989 (Taylor version) and that the American singer has decided to “give” to the series.

I asked Jenny Han how this collaboration came about and she confessed to me that she listened to Taylor’s songs while writing the book and that both she and the fans have always imagined Tay Tay’s music as the perfect soundtrack for the story of the book. books. On the soundtrack, in addition to This love (TS) There are also Cruel summer, Lover, False God I He Way I Loved You (Taylor’s version).

Trilogy Summer in your eyes:

Many may have discovered Belly’s story through the Amazon Prime Video series, but Summer in Your Eyes is first and foremost a trilogy of Jenny Han books. This is the first series of books published by the author of Every time I’ve written I love you and the first book came out in 2009.

The books of the summer trilogy:

In the summer I became beautiful (2009) – Summer in your eyes (in Italian)

The belly measures the weather in summer. Everything beautiful and magical that happened in his life happened between June and August. Winter is just the time that separates her from next summer, from the beach house and Susannah who, in addition to being her mother’s best friend, is also the mother of Jeremiah and Conrad.

They are the friends he grew up with: one is the guy you can count on, the other is the one who makes your heart beat. This summer, however, will be a special summer, because what Belly has always dreamed of is about to happen, and it seemed like it would never happen …

It’s not summer without you (2010) – It’s not summer without you (in Italian)

Her belly has always counted every day that separates her from summer, that is, from Conrad and Jeremiah. But not this year. Because the boys’ mother, Susannah, is very ill again. Because Conrad has stopped worrying. And why everything that was good in his life is being shattered. For the first time, Belly just wants winter to never end. Instead, when Jeremiah calls to tell him that Conrad is gone, Belly realizes that this is his chance to fix things.

We will always have summer (2011) – It will always be summer for us (in Italian)

I am two years passed ever since Conrad told Belly to go out with his brother. Since then, she and Jeremiah have been inseparable. But their relationship is not as happy as it should be. In fact, when Jeremiah makes the worst mistake a boy can make, Belly is forced to wonder if this is really a great love. Is Jeremiah really the right man? Did he really stop loving Conrad?

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