“If you like football, you don’t want to give it up. The key to success is strategy”


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The coach of Roma José Mourinho gave an interview to Sky Sports UK: “In the 60’s I was able to evolve and be successful? It’s the nature of someone who wants to continue in football for many years. If you’re not in love with football and you’ve achieved everything there is to achieve in football, stop and enjoy your medals.And enjoy your life outside of football.But if you like football, you don’t want to quit.If you like football, you don’t feel like you’re getting old “You feel fresh, you feel young. And that feeling lasts until your last days. So motivation is part of DNA. My record of victories in England, Portugal, Italy and Spain? Also, I won in these four countries very, very soon.I didn’t need to be there.three, four or five years to win.It happened immediately.In the first or at the latest in the second.I think this is due to the fact that I tried to understand I studied, I tried to make the most of the differences, trying to put my ideas into practice but at the same time re – local cultures and, in my case, also because of the local feeling and focus of the game ”.

About the relationship with the players.
“Everyone needs a different way to communicate, a different way to give feedback, to motivate. The most important thing is to know their nature, to know everything about them. Then you can interact with them almost individually. It’s a bit like going to a restaurant and eating on demandAs they say in French. On demand it’s basically what you have to do with the player. Don’t look at them as if they are all the same, because they are all different. Am I a natural leader? I wouldn’t say. In fact, as a young man I would say he was a silent leader. But my job doesn’t allow me to be a silent leader, which is my nature. I always have to be in front of everyone’s eyes, I have to communicate continuously through the media and that makes a big difference. The key to success remains the same: it’s all a matter of strategy. You can’t predict everything, but the more prepared you are, the more you can devote yourself to training. Unpredictability can be reduced and this seems to make elections and decisions easier. We know that football matches carry risks, but we must try to reduce them by preparing as best we can. “

About technology in football.
The game has changed in the last twenty years. In terms of training and methodology we have a lot of new tools to analyze a match even from the bench. Today I have something that 20 years ago was banned: a monitor with a tactical camera that we have in the stadiums and that can give us different perspectives of the playing field. New dimensions of technical staff have emerged. There are now a lot of people who specialize in different fields and you can share the work. It’s a different situation. To give an example, some time ago there was only the sports coach. There is now the performance coach, the recovery coach, the individual coach and the prevention coach. This is crazy. It has taken our work to an incredible dimension. Now you have to deal with so many people with such different characters and egos. You also have to manage a lot more information than before. Sometimes I have to select the most important information because we just can’t take care of everything. I think the situation is very similar to that of the Formula 1 teams. During the race they have so much data that they have to be very selective. They can’t pass all the information to the pilot “.

About young people.
“The young man of 2000 is different from the young man of 2022. Leading means that people must follow you. And to follow you, they must believe in you. They usually believe in you if they feel empathy, if they feel honesty. “My personal case as a leader, that’s the case. It means exactly the responsibility of not disappointing your co-workers. You have to be with them and for them, all the time. They have to trust you.”

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