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Florence, June 24, 2022 – It is the day of the historic football final fiorentino 2022. A great moment of people in the Piazza Santa Croce. After the two semifinals, Rossi di Santa Maria Novella and Azzurri di Santa Croce are the two teams that came out of the semifinals, having won Bianchi and Verdi.

Fires of San Giovanni in Florence, where to see them

And now there are the confrontation, the final that will crown the champions. A great day of traditions, which takes place as always on the day of the patron saint of Florence, San Giovanni. In the evening another great moment, that of fireworks, but in the meantime there is this important and meaningful match. Follow the live with us.

19.12: the reds do not give up and manage to score another hunt.

19.11: another blue fighter, excellent possession of the ball leading to this new maximum advantage.

19.09: on the hunt for the reds, who score from afar. There are seven minutes left to finish.

19.06: another hunt for the azzurri, who are rampant.

19.04: blues taking off scoring a new hunt that leads them to extend the lead.

19.02: another blue fighter with good career action. Blues that seem to take advantage of greater freshness and numerical superiority.

7 pm: blue advantage with a brand new fighter, also in step.

18.58: tie between the azzurri and the coast. Good pass and then hunting. Draw five and a half hunts.

18.57: half hunt for the reds.

18.53: Amazing game with a new red hunt. Teams play openly and the show benefits. Partial result: 4.5 to 5.

18.52: a new Azzurra fighter. Partial result: 4.5 to 4.

18.49 h: Another hunt for the Reds, who are once again in the lead with Manuel López, her husband everywhere. Match without a minute’s respite.

18.48: Half chase of the azzurri, who will temporarily advance to the reds. Important comeback.

6.46 pm: another chase of the azzurri, who tied 3-3. Good initiative Azzurra, the team takes courage. Real match, with a thousand emotions.

6.44pm: new hunting of the azzurri, to the step of far.

18.42 h: third hunt for the Reds, who easily score after a serve.

18.41 h: another red kicker comes out on a stretcher after receiving a punch. Rossi at this time in double numerical inferiority.

6:39 p.m .: in the hunting of the azzurri at a great distance. A passage becomes a hunt. The bounce of the ball allows the ball to enter. 1-2

18.34: still a hunt for the reds, who seem unstoppable. Lorenzo Fattori scored. Good duels with tickets, the ball is moved a lot by the reds who are winning them with continuous changes of pace. 0-2

6.30pm: Red kicker on the ground. Leonardo Fattori is rescued on a stretcher and taken out of the field.

18.29: Manuel López immediately set off to hunt down the reds. Again he, who had already scored in the semifinals. Game that unlocks immediately. 0-1

18.26: the game has begun. Immediate match in the middle of the field.

The pre-match

6:21 p.m .: the choir “Davide Astori” is raised in memory of the viola captain.

6.19pm: it is the moment of shouting, to the magnificent gentleman, an intense moment that precedes the party.

18.18: the reds and azzurri get together for the latest tips and encouragement talks. There were several line-up changes on both sides due to injuries and disqualifications from the semifinals.

18.08: the warm-up of Rossi and Azzurri has begun. It is another very hot day in Florence.

18.02: according to tradition, the four districts enter the countryside. So are the whites and greens, eliminated after the two semifinals.

18.01: there is the entrance of the Rossi to the field.

17.59: Gabriel Omar Batistuta is also in the stands for the final. The unforgettable Batigol is in Florence in this period and did not want to lose this match.

17.58: some of the rules of historic football. The match lasts fifty minutes. There are 27 players per team.

17.54: the player enters and the challenge comes to life. There are a few minutes left for the challenge.

5:33 p.m .: “It’s hard for me to find such a beautiful San Giovanni – says Mayor Nardella – Now we enjoy this final.”

5.30 pm: Bruno Astori takes part in the square where his brother David’s funeral took place. “This square means a lot to us, the city has not stopped being close to us, it is an indescribable emotion. I thank everyone for the opportunity to attend this event, Davide would be proud of this invitation.” .

17.27: Antonioni, enthusiastic, speaks on Tuscany TV. “I’ve seen historic football several times, I’ve been a magnificent gentleman. For Florence, after Fiorentina football, the historic football final is still an important event.” And about Davide Astori’s brother the magnificent messere: “I’m glad Bruno has this role, Florence never forgets, even on occasions other than Fiorentina’s matches.”

17.26: there are two live TV shows. One from Toscana Tv, while for Italy and for Europe there is the streaming of Dazn, which has signed an agreement with the historic football that will be offered to viewers in high definition. This year is new.

5:21 p.m .: the grandstand begins to be full of people. The mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, enters.

17.10: the historic procession now approaches the Piazza Santa Croce, the stands of which are filled.

16.57: in the procession there is also a special guest, Giancarlo Antognoni, who is also approaching the Piazza Santa Croce.

16.53: the historic procession has reached the Piazza della Signoria. Filippo Giovannelli, director of the historic parade, begins the last part of the parade, which will take place in Santa Croce Square.

16.50: opens the doors of the stands in Piazza Santa Croce, fans begin to enter. Small groups of fans defying the sun well in advance and standing in the stands. Meanwhile, in Piazza della Signoria, everything is ready to host the historic procession.

4.44 pm: outside the Palazzo Vecchio Mayor Nardella awaits the historic procession with the magnificent messere of this final, Davide Astori’s brother Bruno. A way to remember and pay tribute to the unforgettable captain of Fiorentina who died four years ago.

16.31: the procession stops at the hangar of the Palazzo Vecchio, in Piazza della Signoria, to greet the banner of Florence.

4:19 pm: it started from Santa Maria Novella square to reach Santa Croce square. With the parade also the fans of Rossi and Azzurri, who will also color the stands today.

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