Health and sport, a conference at the Regional Council of Campania

Picarone: “Medicine helps increase sports activity”

(ANSA) – NAPLES, JUNE 23 – The importance of medicine in sport at any level, from the amateur to the competitive, Olympic, through the fundamental contribution of sports doctors, which is based on the protection of the health of the athlete and continues with the certification of sports fitness, the indispensable planning of sports nutrition, screening, sports first aid. All the issues that have been addressed today, in the Regional Council of Campania, during the first act of the recently created “Permanent Regional Council for the problems of nautical and water sports”. The conference, entitled “The role of sports medicine in health policy”, was organized by the Association of Sports Medicine of Naples. Among the novelties also emerged the new “Association of nautical clubs of Campania”, which has 17 clubs plus the Medical Sports Association.

“We were told that President Malaga was very impressed by this associative initiative,” says Vincenzo Russo, president of the sports doctors in Naples. “The model could be replicated in the rest of Italy.” “We can’t talk about sport without continuing about sports medicine. We are the promoters of physical exercise, controlled and prescribed. Physical exercise is a drug at no cost and, like all medicines, l “You have to prescribe a sports doctor. We spread this message. We are willing to accept many proposals to start a lasting and profitable speech.”

“Today – says the Honorable Franco Picarone, President of the Permanent Ministry for the issue of nautical and water sports – we want to highlight above all the role of sports medicine for the practice of sport that affects everyone at all levels. These are the first steps of the council (which will last throughout the current legislature) that I chair, established by the regional law of which I am a signatory. Those who play sports, amateur or not, need the help of a doctor sports and certificates of fitness. .also a commission that deals with the resources of those who do not get them. But today the importance of the role of sports medicine, which serves to grow the whole sports movement. “

“In the County Council – Picarone continues – we voted a provision with which a fund was set up with vouchers to accompany children up to 11 years and living in families with few financial resources, to play sports and take advantage of gyms. and free facilities. We deal with the practice of sport at all levels, trying to encourage it, because we know that the pandemic has been a tough stop for everyone. it teaches a lot “.

“The obligation to undergo a medical examination, for those who carry out competition activities, is already consolidated – remembers Agostino Felsani, vice-president of the Campania Regional Committee of the FISI and regional delegate of the FISN-. It is an inescapable obligation, fundamental for the preservation of athletes. ‘sports activity, which I think is important in our country “.

Present at the event, among others, the director of the School of Specialization in Sports Medicine at Vanvitelli University, Marcellino Monda, the professor of Sports Medicine at Tor Vergata University, Pierluigi Gargiulo , the sports doctor and director of the Cardiology-UTIC department of the Antonio Cardarelli Hospital in Naples, Ciro Mauro, the Secretary General of the Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly, Sergio Piazzi and the Paralympic athlete Matilde Lauria. (MANAGE).