Foosball and foosball: thank God everything was going well …

To see table football in the front pages of newspapers had to go back to the editions of the 70s, in the old century, when fun and amusement were based mainly on electromechanical devices. In those years everything revolved around the never-forgotten juke box, the pinball machine and the products of Italian ingenuity: table football, rocking and billiards.

Therefore, reading today on the cover of, or news about entertainment devices, as has also happened in recent days, especially surprises those who, like me, have spent a lifetime between games and coin fairs op.

Lately it seemed that everyone had forgotten about Automatics, the machines without making money and without prizes, those games that favored socialization, contributed to the growth of people in the different communities that were formerly created in the bar, in the oratory, in the bathroom establishments and finally in the game rooms.

Unfortunately, among those with short memory, there were also many associative representatives, only a small group of game operators, in fact, have he immediately showed perplexity on the cumbersome regulation that the Excise, Customs and Monopoly Agency (ADM) had initiated more than a year ago.

However, ADM has been more than transparent, it has written and published well in advance the rules it intended to adopt for the sector from the image it had perceived about gambling activities without making money.

This does not mean, in fact, that the work of ADM should be considered completely wrong, much less: a regulation was necessary and was expected from 2011. The legislator himself, on several occasions, had ordered the Agency to draw up updated rules and regulations for the sector..

What was probably missing was a “useful” contribution from the category, possibly in many open audience organized by the ADM no one has pointed out that the bureaucracy introduced for the authorization of the devices Did it carry the risk of cancellation of the entire gaming industry?

Given the attractiveness of 9 operators the representatives of the large associations have decided the line of dialogue with the ADM. And how could it be otherwise, with the Regulator it is an obligation to dialogue, ADM is the undisputed referee and reference but you don’t need YES MAN: you need the confrontation which means having the courage to support theses otherwise, even those responsible for controlling and governing are deceived.

To say always that all is well may be irresponsiblehowever, everyone had been warned of the “chaos that could occur if the police forces went to seize devices in the oratory, in the reception centers, in the agrotourisms or during a competition of billiards, table football or table tennis …“.

ADM technicians, of good will and speed for a public structure, intervened several times to resolve critical issues, as soon as they became aware of it. Perhaps with more enlightened collaboration the numerous corrective measures could have been avoided.

I don’t think anyone is capable of doing a better solo job than ADM has done so far, but I’m sure you shouldn’t be left alone in the face of the era challenge that presents itself today with the regulation of board games. ‘entertainment. .

New ways of playing born of the evolution of technology, postmodern habits and behaviors typical of the last generations of children and adolescents they leave us with the only certainty that the current public offer of gambling (with and without profits) they no longer like, even worse, do not care about; then I urgently needed a shared job and a fair comparison, not to support the shift manager, but rebuilding a credible offering that is once again appealing to young people of this era. mb

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