First 2022 maturity test, more lights than shadows for district students

Exit state exams for nearly four hundred young people in the skin neighborhood. I am 383 students who this morning from 8.30 have had an appointment with one of the most significant moments, the first test of maturity.

In terms of numbers a the Checchi Institute in Fucecchio, which brings together 191 boys and girls in fifth, is the teacher as always, while 94 and 98 students respectively will compete with the Italian in Marconi and Cattaneo. This morning the electronic envelope was opened with the tests at 8.30. Students will have a total of six hours to compete in the different topics. Tomorrow, however, the “black beast” of each round of state exams: science and specialization tests, which means math for scientists, law for the humanities.

She was a dark, ill-dressed girl; he had that shy and crude attitude that gives him misery and isolation …. These are the first words the boys read from the Ministry envelope: the first trace looks realism and in the nineteenth century, with Giovanni Verga and his Neddasketch published June 15, 1874 on the Italian magazine and the same year by the publishing house Brigola in Milan.

And again, as a second trace, it is proposed a speech delivered in the Chamber by Giorgio Parisi, Nobel Prize in Physics 2021. In particular, Parisi’s discourse refers to climate change. Humanity must make essential decisions, warns the Nobel Prize, which sets out possible dramatic scenarios, stressing the need for urgent political interventions. The student must answer a series of questions and express their opinion on the topic.

Keep it on: Share feedback without turning off your brainit’s the trail that worries you hyperconnectiona reflection based on a text by Vera Gheno and Bruno Mastroianni.

Again the comprehension and analysis of a text made by Oliver Sacks Musicophilia. It also asks for a reasoning about the power that music has over human beings.

The pandemic enters the maturity test thanks to type C which refers to the present. In fact, a text extracted from Luigi Ferrajoli was proposed to the graduates Why an Earth Constitution?. The student is invited to reflect on the text and to elaborate a work.

Always between the various traces, at the forefront of the understanding, analysis and interpretation of a poem, the Ministry proposes Myricae for Giovanni Pascoli The via ferrata and for the analysis of an argumentative text The only guilt of being born by Gherardo Colombo and Liliana Segre.

Between Monday and next Tuesday, for all, the oral tests will begin, which will last throughout the first fortnight of July.

Faces of maturity

De Cattaneo

The anxiety that once reached its peak is now dissolving. In the hottest hours of the day there is relief in the comings and goings of the Via Catena, while the first students of Cattaneo go out the door with the expression of someone who, at least for today, has succeeded. “Four o’clock and twenty, it’s not bad,” someone exclaims, while others, coming out, joking among themselves, say, “My hand hurts.” Or they ask the partner who goes out with them: “So? Which track did you choose? “

And despite some variability, sign that the tracks chosen this year by the ministry, as some say “were ready”, as always, the present is the one that dominates, with all due respect to Pascoli and Verga, chosen by a few (someone else comments: “Quelli bravi”). “They were beautiful clues,” he says Daniele Consoli, Montopolese de Capanne, one of the first to come out – There was a good choice, I went for the topics discussed, the music, Musicophilia, I found it very interesting. In general, there is a fair amount of peace of mind when dealing with the subject of Italian. The ‘black beast’, if we can say so, is the second test: “this worries me more, tomorrow – he continues – my home predicts economy”.

Most boys and girls who walk out the door, at least in the early hours, are not San Miniato. Some, then, come from afar, a testament to Cattaneo’s appeal. “Industrial chemistry tomorrow. Nice hard – he says Filippo Menchetti, of Prato – In my class today, most have chosen the text by Liliana Segre and the Nobel Prize winner Giorgio Parisi ”. Among the girls, the classic themes went much further: “Verga we had studied well,” says Morena, of San Donato. “I chose it too, I was safer,” says Martina Coltelli of San Miniato. And laughing, he says: “I have to bet everything on the first test and the oral test.” And tomorrow? “Economy …”. And silence falls.

Meanwhile, another risks the statistics: “Pascoli and Verga had not been free for at least 10 years, someone expected it.” “The climate has become depopulated,” he said Brando Testai, from Santa Maria to Monte – It is a topic that we read and listen to a lot. I knew I was eligible. It was also an opportunity to reflect on what we saw happening around us when we stopped by Covid, Nature reclaiming its spaces. “

“I chose racism. It was more affordable, it’s a topic we talked about a lot,” he says. Riccardo Pesantini, of Empoli – It was a topic that allowed you to better express your personal impressions. If once it was the oral test that was scariest, today most are more afraid of the written test, especially the second test, tomorrow. “I feel ready” continues, charged, Riccardo. Some, however, imagine the whole internal commission as if they already had it in front of them, like Letizia di Fucecchio and Mirko, di Spicchio: “One does a lot like this in books all year round, then gets there, freezes for ‘anxiety. and makes a silent scene “.

The looks disperse and the thoughts become blurred, if instead the boys are asked: “And now? What are you going to do? ”The most confident of those are those who do not see a future for them in university: that they will launch into a specialization in the chemical sector, who in anything else, such as professional sport. Others have already done so. “I would like criminology,” says Martina Aga, “but it’s not in Italy. Maybe the health professions. I have all summer to think about it.” , but I still don’t know what. ”And it happens that someone takes roles and asks us, like Morena:“ How did you get into journalism? What did you study? ”.

De Marconi

Even in the burning square in front of the Liceo Marconi, the first ‘veterans’ of the Italian theme are starting to appear in a few tweets. “I chose track B3 related to the issue of climate change – he says Daniela Nkurunziza of the VL of the Institute of Humanities with social and economic orientation – but it was not difficult for me to write and even for the second test I am quite calm as it will not be ministerial, but chosen by the teachers of the institute “. Of the same opinion also Giuliana Gjoca of the VC of the scientific baccalaureate with specialty applied sciences, which states: “I have personally chosen the C2 pathway related to the issue of hyperconnection, but also reading the others I realized that they were all quite simple because in any case they were current issues that we knew, not far from us. The problem will be the second test that makes me anxious, along with the oral test – and continues – I hope to access management engineering in Florence once I finish high school. “

There are, however, those who have chosen to embark on the second argumentative topic based on Musicophilia of Oliver Sacks like VC applied science student Luca Bortolotti who said about it, “I tried to connect the subject with any subject.” Always on the same track they also expressed themselves Diana Mataloni and Alessia Pescini of the VI of the social economy saying: “The trace was very reasonable and sure that many connections with extracurricular subjects could be made”. In fact, even someone has managed to connect African American culture and the birth of jazz music.

As for the prospects for the future, a dozen young people said they will continue with the university, mostly in Pisa or Florence, although there are those who still do not know what to do and have decided to focus for now “on the “Summer in Corfu.” ”, But the deserved relaxation is lawful after the scorching maturity, in every sense; in fact, many young people said that “school was an oven”, due to the high temperatures recorded in recent days.

Many of them also commented on the topic of maturity in attendance, e.g. Gabriele Bindi of the VA of the traditional scientific institute he stated, “Surely being here all together to take this step creates a completely different atmosphere compared to those who have graduated remotely.” In his own opinion, Pietro Mazzini of the VC of applied sciences also said: “At first we were much more hesitant, but then when we were here we understood that in this way we live the experience much more.”

Although the first test is over today, some are already worried about tomorrow’s second test, he says Francesca Rovini of the VC of applied sciences who dreams of Modartech (Pontedere) for her future: “I’m very anxious, I don’t even know what to expect from that, but I hope it goes well.” Of course, the second test will be decided by the teachers, but as the students say “this does not mean that it is easier than the first, on the contrary.”

All in all, a lot of anxiety, but also many dreams in the drawer of this year’s graduatesveterans of distance education in recent years that has isolated them from society, but willing to embark on the tests of the coming days, but especially in the adult world with so many hopes for the future that awaits them out there. .

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