“Example of grenade to follow in Europe”

As part of the “Salerno Letteratura” event, last night a very interesting day was held dedicated entirely to the world of football. The event, which for years has been a regular event for hundreds and hundreds of people from Salerno, started on June 18 and will end tomorrow evening with a series of social and cultural initiatives. Yesterday, as has been said, we talked mainly about sport and a series of problems that risk deflating a ball for good that, although with difficulty, continues to roll only thanks to the passion of millions and millions of fans. In the evocative setting of the Diocesan Museum, it was the journalist Franco Vanni who entertained the many spectators present, focusing on the economic crisis, the Superliga, the end of romantic football, television rights, the flight of spectators from the stadiums with respect to foreign leagues and the need to review the fees to be paid to lawyers. Inevitably, the argument also slipped on the latest events of the Salernitana house, with the diatribe between Iervolino and Sabatini which did not go unnoticed: “From Salerno an important message can begin,” said Vanni, “it is a battle that deserves absolute respect. to address a very delicate issue, around which the world of football must revolve in order to initiate that reform which has long been invoked and which has never been carried out. “Charisma and an immense culture. He deserves respect and it can’t be him, linked to football.” And it is logical that, in the long run, if there is no support from the rest of the team, it is likely that Iervolino will do it. to find himself alone against everyone. the world of football. and therefore it has illusion, tools and less open tables to propose something innovative ”.

Still on the subject of agents: “I had the opportunity to have lunch with a well-known sports lawyer, as a journalist I wanted to make an honest figure and pay the bill. 200 euros, not a little. This agent trusted me that he had collected more than 15 million euros in a month. I said kindly: “Okay, now you pay.” Clearly, if regulation allows, nothing happens to earn figures that seem disproportionate to mere mortals. It is a system that does not work and that can barely stand it. the athletes who go out on the field. Salernitana can be a model and a reference for many European companies that think like Iervolino, but that obviously did not have the strength to expose themselves with this firmness. Honor to him “. Vanni, who on the occasion presented the book “Football has lost: winners and losers in the world of football”, then spoke in an excellent way about Salernitana and the great company of salvation: “I started to tie me to the maroon colors when they made me participate in the centenary party, a great emotion. You could feel the affection of the Salerninos in their football team. they encouraged the Salernitana hoping that an extraordinary feat could be achieved.It seemed written that it had to be like this: start from a nightmare, for a business problem, then an end of crescendo and the apotheosis of the fans despite the 0 -4 against Udinese.competition.I don’t want companies to go down, but it’s very nice for Salernitana.Time ownership? I was, the problem as always is fundamental.If the law allowed Lotito to have two teams and win the championship of Series B, it is legitimate that the former owner wanted to make the investment in r maximum yields selling it only on favorable terms to him. I hope, regardless of who is right or wrong, that such a story can be an example so that no fan can pay for himself for the failures of others. I was at the Arechi for the Salernitana-Inter, I felt the pain and bitterness of a town full of pride that risked losing it even though I attended a show on the field that was not precisely worthy. And in Bari there are the same concerns ”.

The interaction with the public has been constant and has made this evening even more beautiful. Among others were the lawyer Massimo Falci, a great exponent of the Coordination Center of the Club Salernitana, and Professor Alfonso Natale, who came especially from Olevano sul Tusciano and emotionally involved despite not being a big fan of football. Vanni then answered the many questions of the moderator Corrado De Rosa, here is an extreme synthesis of his thought: “There is an irrefutable fact: whoever wins is destined to have millions and millions of debts to pay off. It is clear that an amateur always choose victory at the expense of the budget instead of a fourth place with the accounts in place, but the system needs to be reformed so that club owners do not have to invest knowing that they will lose insurance. I remember the Percassi and the Lotito, or the Berlusconi-Galliani tandem. Juventus itself, although managed for decades by a wealthy family, has had some difficulties in recent times. economically competitive with the big Europeans, those who give us 4-5 goals every time they face us, with stadiums of their own is not enough, not the idea of ​​a sports facility transformed into a shopping center invaded more by tourists and curious than by fans. I will be unpopular, but I will not jump for joy. The problems are many, they must be addressed individually by putting a senior executive at the head of the system. The correct name would be Marotta, a now financially and professionally satisfied man who, by marrying this project, would surely have no personal interest whatsoever. Even the distribution of television rights should be fairer, for example in B there is no exclusive television and everyone, even abroad, can buy the product. AA, for easy-to-understand reasons, instead appears utopian discourse. Unfortunately, the victory of the national team in the European Championship has allowed those who govern football to hide for a long time those problems that, if not resolved, run the risk of further emptying the stadiums. “

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