Escola Superior d’Educació, the president and general director will receive almost 250 thousand euros a year. All figures

Article 44, section 1, letter h, of the PNRR 2 decree, establishes the “School of Higher Education and Compulsory Training for directors, teachers and technical-administrative staff of centers”. The new teacher recruitment system will ensure the continued professional and professional development of school staff through the creation of the school.

They can provide training the National School of Administration, all universities, institutions of artistic, musical and higher dance training, educational institutions, public research bodies, public museum institutions and cultural bodies representing the countries whose languages ​​are included in the curricula of the Italian school.

They can also apply for accreditation also other subjects That they possess the requirements of morality, professional suitability, economic, financial and technical-professional capacity determined in a specific directive of the Minister of Education.

The training reform not only affects new additions, but also and above all fixed ones.

The decree establishes a permanent system of training and updating of teachers divided into courses with a minimum duration of three years. The activities of planning, mentoring and coaching are also an integral part of the training courses to support students in achieving the specific objectives of the school and in experimenting with new teaching methodologies that the teacher carries out weekly in hours. additional to those of face-to-face teaching provided by law.

In the first application, the teacher performs weekly at his own school, respectively, at least one additional hour in kindergarten and primary and at least two extra hours at high schools of first and second degree with respect to the hours of face-to-face teaching foreseen by the valid legislation

As part of the total annual hours of incentive training, There are 15 hours for kindergarten and primary school and 30 hours for first and second year of high school., for training courses dedicated to the development of teaching professionalism. The remaining hours are devoted to planning, mentoring and coaching activities to support students.

The carrying out of the planned activities, when they are functional to the extension of the formative offer, can be paid with charge to the fund of improvement of the formative offer, that foresees a global indemnification.

What is the School of Higher Education?

The Higher Education School will be a light structure and will be functional for the online teaching of training courses equipped with a technical-scientific committee. of high professional profile. The administrative functions will be guaranteed by the Department of Education Training System.

Indire, Invalsi and Italian and foreign universities will take part in order to guarantee a quality continuing education system, in accordance with European standards.

The aim is to offer pedagogical and didactic training that, together with a deep knowledge of the subject, allows to face effectively the challenge of transmitting methodological, digital and cultural competences in the context of a high quality teaching.

In the technical report of the benefit we also read the fees provided for members. The president will have a gross salary of 246 thousand euros as well as the general manager. Including the other components, it reaches the figure of more than one million euros per year for the High School.

Prizes for trained teachers, government estimates: 520 million to be distributed in the three-year period 2026-2029 (6 thousand euros gross per year). All data

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