Ente Forum, for more than 30 years over time to facilitate the entry of young people into the world of work

The importance of vocational training to keep up with the times and to be able to intercept, among other things, the new needs of the world of work. In this context, the Forum (Human Resource Orientation Training) is moving, which, with more than 30 years of experience in the world of vocational training and hundreds of young people “launched” in various sectors after attending, offers a cutting-edge training course and to encourage young people to enter the world of work.

Once the pandemic is over, these two years leave us with certainties and news: the figure of the Social Health Operator is increasingly sought after, we also look at the new communication on social networks, we become Social Media Manager, we do not lose view of the school world, with the Asacom.

The courses offered by Forum also include these. Manager Giovanni Distefano introduces them.

“After a pause period,” he says, “the Forum will resume OSS (Health Social Operator) courses. Health is always a sector that needs staff both for natural turnover and for the new needs highlighted by the pandemic in which a strategic sector for the quality of life of citizens has highlighted significant shortages of human resources and structural effects, the negative effects of which have been mitigated. only thanks to the spirit of sacrifice and the preparation of the medical and medical staff. The social and health operator carries out its activity in the social sector, in the health sector, in social assistance and social and health services, residential or semi-residential, in a hospital environment and at the user’s home, in collaboration with other professional operators. engaged in health and social care. The qualification course for Bones is aimed at the formation of figures capable of intervening in situations characterized by a temporary and / or permanent lack of psychophysical autonomy “.

Even in the world of school there are new possibilities: in recent years, the figure of the Assistant of Autonomy and Communication for people with disabilities (in short As.A.Com.) Has also made room , thanks to the skills developed in a course. of training of about 900 hours of duration destined to subjects in possession of secondary help to the disabled people with deficits so much cognitive as sensorial and physical in the educational itinerary. “It facilitates -continues Distefano- the school integration of the student with disability in the didactic activities, stimulating the autonomy and the socialization with the class group in order to strengthen his relations, improve the learning, the life of relation and support participation in different activities. The profile is different from that of the support teacher and the basic and hygienic-personal assistant ”.

From 2016 to 2022, the Forum body formed 85 As.A.Com. that most of them have found work or improved their job position and the requests for participation received in recent times are pushing us to restart another course in October. Also because the educational centers are obliged to provide assistance to the autonomy and communication to all the disabled people who attend the institute by means of qualified personnel with certificate issued by organisms accredited by the Communities, in force according to the law 845 / 78. A professional figure who sees a high development of employability in the immediate future and who will allow our young people to work without having to be forced to emigrate will be the Social Media Manager. “He is the digital professional who manages social media channels with news dissemination activities, creation and management of publishing plans – concludes Distefano – communication and promotion of the brand, products, services and events, creation and sharing of web content. The social media manager has the skills to create new business opportunities for the client, whether it is an institution, a company, a self-employed person or a non-profit organization. Work closely with the blogger and SEO specialist. He deals with the operational management of social networks, also in collaboration with other specialized professionals. Multimedia communication is a fundamental branch for public and private companies, for associations and individuals. Influencers, youtubers, tiktokers and streamers have the digital skills to reach the homes of millions of people via smartphones. Communication is constantly changing and the big giants of the network have become the quintessential digital publishers. Locals that will face and study in the new course of free training of 200 hours of length ».



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