Daniele Coletta presents the new single “Burj Khalifa”

As of June 24, 2022, “BURJ KHALIFA” (Cantieri Sonori / ADA / Warner), DANIELE COLETTA’s new single, now available on digital platforms from June 14, is available in radio rotation.

“Burj Khalifa” it is the final chapter in the artist’s long-distance love story. “broken key “ I “It’s raining on the moon” they looked to the past and spoke with a “clear mind.” “Trastevere” he explained the beginnings of this love with an unconsciously already written ending. With “Burj Khalifa “ the artist opens a parenthesis on the present full of doubts and budgets to make, when the beautiful memories of the beginnings fade into the background and leave room for the consciousness of continuing the journey alone.

The artist explains about the piece: “Burj Khalifa is the closing of a circle of the only love story I have lived so intensely in my life. This “quartet” of singles released in the last year and a half has been a manifesto of freedom for me, which I hope has helped many feel and not necessarily feel bad in a relationship. With Burj Khalifa, a chapter in my story not only of love but of life closes, but a new book of things is about to arrive. “

The “Burj Khalifa” music video aims to explain the passion and power of a sometimes toxic relationship. The good-bad change within such a relationship.

The before, during and after of a relationship and its key moments coexist within the same narrative space, creating an analogy with the mental chaos of the protagonists of this loving “madness”. The video clip opens an even more intimate parenthesis of the story already told in the music video for “Broken Key,” Daniele’s pilot song, where we saw the end and beginning of the relationship. In “Burj Khalifa” the actors are the same but this time the scenes told are much more intense and passionate.


Daniele Coletta is a Roman singer-songwriter born in 1992. He has been studying singing since he was 10 years old and over time what seemed like a simple passion becomes a real profession. He perfected in the Voicecraft method and deepened his studies abroad attending several academies of Singing / Performing Arts among the most important as the MALTA ACADEMY OF PERFORMING ARTS, with Professor Joshua Alamu, the WEST FINLAND COLLEGE of Finland and the SETH RIGGS ACADEMY. in Los Angeles, where he studies the SLS – Speech Level Singing method with internationally renowned professors such as Seth Riggs, Dave Stroud, Robert Raab Stevenson and Anjanette Mickelsen. During the latter he has the opportunity to meet people like Justin Timberlake and Amy Winehouse. The first real confirmation comes in 2008 when he is among the protagonists of the first edition of the RaiUno program “Ti lascio Una Canzone” live from the Ariston Theater. In the same year he was among the regular guests of the program “Festa Italiana” (Raiuno). The big turning point came in 2012 with the participation in “X FACTOR 6”. Daniele enters, surpassed with all the notes by the four judges, in Simona Ventura’s team and manages to reach the Semifinals, finishing fifth with the unreleased “One Day In More” written for him by the American singer-songwriter Gavin DeGraw and adapted into Italian by Daniele himself and the authors Cianchi and Valicelli. The song will be released on November 30 on Sony Music Italia digital platforms. In 2013 he witnessed the “Thirty Hours for Life” campaign and in 2014 he released his second single “Ora Che Sei Grande” written by Jacopo Ratini. From 2014 to 2019 he started as a Lead Singer on tours with the Yatch / Cruise Ships company “Silversea” which will give him the opportunity to perform in many countries around the world. In January 2018 comes GAME ON, his third single, the first in English. The song written by Riccardo Brizi and Andrea Riso represents Daniele’s true soul and has an international sound that combines pop with rock. The song enters the radio rotation in the United States of America and wins the best video of the month for AKADEMIA. Daniele returns with a completely new project, thanks to the collaboration with Marco Canigiula and his label Cantieri Sonori, which is based on the single “Key Broken”, published in early 2021, where Daniele talks about his personal experience with love. On August 21 he won Radio Deejay’s “Deejay On Stage” contest with “Trastevere” (Canigiula, Coletta), a piece that aired on the radio for about two months.

After starting 2022 with “It’s Raining on the Moon,” “Burj Khalifa” is Daniele Coletta’s new single available on digital platforms starting June 14, 2022 and in radio rotation starting June 24th.

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