CUS Verona, good experience at the National University Championships

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The CUS Verona returns from the National University Championships with a lot of six medals, one of which is gold. An excellent result, given that the two years of forced stoppage inevitably led to a profound renewal of available athletes.

The expedition arrived in Cassino with 46 athletesaccompanied by 10 staff members. In total, Verona came out on the field in 7 disciplines: fencing, tennis, judo, karate, taekwondo, athletics, women’s volleyball, adding one gold, three silver and two bronzes.

The CNU of the CUS Verona opened with the karate. Al tatami, Franco Sacristani for the kata specialty (4th place) e Davide Ragnoli for the kumite specialty. With the second day of the race, here is the first great satisfaction: Chiara Massagrandestudent of Sports Science and karateka competing in the specialty of kumite, accompanied by the teacher Diego Benedetti, won the bronze with a wide 8-0 over rival Alessia Treviso of Cus Perugia in the final 3 ^ -4 ^ place. Lorenzo Faretta also competed on the same day as taekwondo.

Space then a tennis and volleyball. Andrea Zoccaon the red clay court, he managed to beat the rival of the CUS Catania, and then stop in front of the formidable rival of the CUS Lecce, gathering a precious experience for the future.

A great first time for the women’s volleyball, which in its historic first classification to a final stage reached fourth place. The girls of coach Alessandro Pallaro and Sara Michielan met in the final against CUS Parma, playing podium and still getting a fantastic fourth place.


Giacomo Bertoncelli, gold medal in the 400 meters hurdles

This year, the CUS Verona was presented on the platform also at the fencingin the specialty of aluminum foil, with Alice Pietrarelli, a student at the Academy of Fine Arts, under the Bentegodi Foundation. At the end of the group stage, Pietrarelli got three wins and two losses, also passing the first round. On the other hand, he fails to overcome the strong Ludovica Genovese of CUS Roma.

At the end, the medals of theathletics He was born in judo. At the Gino Salveti Municipal Stadium in Cassino, on the track named after Pietro Mennea, the group of about 21 athletic boys and girls, accompanied by Anna Padovan, faced 34 races, achieving some satisfaction important. Starting, of course, with the men’s 400 m hurdles, with Giacomo Bertoncelli who graduated national college champion with a time of 50.65 (wind against -3 ms). The other medals came from the jumping disciplines: Asia Tavernini, Physiotherapy student, wins silver in high jump. Behind her, the excellent 4th place Cecilia Muscarella. Giada Pozzato, a sports science student, is silver in pole vaulting. In the long jump, Alice Lunardonstudent of Motor Sciences, won the silver with the measure of 5.80, missing the Italian university degree only by 2 cm.

Finally, the bronze medal in women’s judo she won Valentina Bertoldoof the Academy of Fine Arts, accompanied by a real Cussin like Alberto Boccato.

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The Cus Verona athletics group at the CNU 2022

The satisfaction of the rector Pier Francesco Nocini and the president of the CUS Verona, Davide Adami

“Our University participated in the National University Championships with 46 female students, bringing home excellent results, including a gold medal in athletics with student Giacomo Bertoncelli, enrolled in Motor Sciences.”

Then continues Professor Pier Francesco Nocini. โ€œThe CNU experience is an important growth context for our children. An opportunity to work as a team and in community; a moment of sporting and relational confrontation that enriches the training course. “

Even the president of the CUS Verona, Davide Adami, expresses its satisfaction: “The resumption of the CNU, the highest moment of Italian university sports activity, represented a beautiful sign of rebirth of the social and relational life of the university world.. The fact that the CUS Verona, representing the University of Verona, has at this time participated in the national academic community of Cassino with a large and qualified representation of students and students is a reason for great and deep satisfaction. “

Then he adds: โ€œThe participation and the brilliant results obtained, both individually and as a team, in addition to making us feel proud, then they encourage us to engage more, together with the University, to enable an increasing number of students and students to play sports and follow an active, healthy lifestyle and open to relationships in the university world. My sincere thanks go to all the athletes and staff of Cus Verona “.

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