Clean, does Irving want to leave? The Lakers appear …

The exclusion from his last year of contract was supposed to be a formality. Instead, it filters out a number of clubs that the player “likes”. These include the Los Angeles franchise

There seems to be no peace for the Nets fans. After a season with surreal strokes, the low season should not have had any twists, at least according to forecasts. Instead, Kyrie Irving has been successful in the business of creating a new soap opera with a writing ending.

the stages

In his words, the renewal of the player who could be released on June 29 by deciding the opt-out of his last year of contract (starting at $ 36.9 million) would have been a simple procedure. “I’m not going anywhere,” Kevin (Durant) said in April, “and we’re going to stay here a long time.” After declaring, at the end of the game-4 challenge in the first round against the Celtics, that he had kicked the Nets out of the pot-sea season “When I say I’ll stay here with Kevin I mean I’ll have a role, along with Joe Tsai and Sean Marks, on Deductible Market Movements “. Words in the wind apparently, as had already happened when in 2018 Irving promised Boston fans that he would renew with the Celtics, the former Duke, in fact, would be close to a total break with the New York franchise. Dissatisfied with the turn of negotiations for his renewal, with the Nets wanting a shorter contract in the face of rages and the many absences of the talented basketball player in the recent past, Kyrie Irving now looks to a distant future in Brooklyn and theirs. friend Kevin Durant.

new strategy

Threats of a strategy to have more bargaining power? Maybe, but it would seem like something else. The entourage of the player who with the Nets shirt during the regular season participated in only 103 games in his three seasons in Brooklyn, has leaked the “wish list” of Irving, the clubs he considers the most attractive. They range from the Lakers, for a possible sensational meeting with LeBron, to the Clippers, to the Heat, the 76ers to the Knicks. Simple speeches in theory but very complicated in practice considering that not only none of the teams he has cited has enough salary space for a “maximum” contract like the one that should be allocated to Irving, but also the “sign and trade “with these clubs. it seems decidedly complicated and, moreover, it is not entirely certain that the Nets are willing to accommodate it. If Irving really wants to change the air without sensational economic damage, for example, signing with the Lakers for a season for the so-called “middle ground exception” would potentially mean losing more than $ 30 million in the next championship, the most viable hypothesis. . , also issued by market guru Nba Shams Charania of The Athletic, would be an opt-in to his contract, but linked to a request for change.

the opt-in hypothesis

A real earthquake for the Nets who to limit the damage would be forced to find a partner to find suitable accommodation in Irving. Which, however, due to its now unreliable lack of reliability, seems to have less market than its absolutely crystalline talent would suggest. For Brooklyn, Irving’s departure could create a veritable avalanche with Kevin Durant, who last low season signed a new $ 198 million four-year deal, which could consider other options. Too early to make these speeches, certainly the mood in the House of Nets right now is not the best and once again Kyrie Irving has thought of creating confusion. Will this soap opera end with a happy ending for Brooklyn fans? We’ll see, the first signs will arrive on June 29.

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