Chloe Bianco, the suicidal transgender teacher was not persecuted by the school, according to the report sent to the ministry

Chloe Bianco, the former transgender teacher who decided to commit suicide by setting fire to the caravan where she lived, she was not persecuted by the school where he worked. To explain this to the Corriere Veneto is the director of the regional school office Carmela Palumbo who refers to the controls initiated by the Ministry of Education on the case.

“My offices have finished the report that was sent to Rome and will now be analyzed by the Minister of Education.” The report states that “some of the things that some newspapers have reported in recent days are inaccurate. She was not removed from the role of teacher after its departure during the 2015-2016 academic year. He was an alternate member enrolled in two rankings. That of the technical-practical teaching staff and that relating to the administrative staff. He agreed to teach for the next two years, while the 2018-2019 academic year he chose to work in administration. Then nothing more. Obviously, for personal reasons, he decided not to hold other positions.

Chloe Bianco was neither persecuted nor degraded

But why should he have given up his career? The director of the school’s regional office explains: “It is not certain that he would definitely want to stop working in the school world, since in May this year, just one month before the drama, he asked for an update of his classification. . Anyways, to claim that it was degraded is nonsense and no one can say that the regional school, or the institutions where he worked, have moved him arbitrarily ”.

Bianco subjected to disciplinary action

“At that time I was not the one who headed the regional office – Palumbo continues – but, reading the documents, the impression I had, frankly, is that there was nothing irregular in the management of the sanctioning file to which it was put under in this period “.

But what kind of paperwork did they involve? Corriere Veneto explains that, according to her checks, three of them were opened between November 2015 and June 2016. The manager explains that she cannot go into too much detail, but: “These files are at the heart of the checks initiated by the counselor “.

The three measures

The first measure, that of the brazen departure of Bianco, which ended with a three-day suspension: “That episode was also distorted. No one ever answered his choice to leave, but the ways in which he implemented it, which at the time were considered a little too hasty, not leaving the principal time to adequately prepare students and staff ”.

The second procedure was for some inappropriate sentences addressed to some students. “It closed in June with a file. And this decision would seem symptomatic of how there was no persecutory will at the time. ” The third dates back to the spring of 2016 and until now it had never been talked about. The teacher was suspended one day because she insisted on showing up at school in a miniskirt. “Exactly. But I can’t talk about that either: it is up to the minister to issue judgments“.

The story happened seven years ago. According to the manager, the situation has improved today: ‘Many institutions are regulating the career nickname’ which allows you to choose the name that is closest to yours. gender identity. By that I mean that a journey has been made and now, an episode like the one in 2015, would not trigger the same scandal. “

The policy, however, should provide public administrations with more precise guidelines on the management of these situations, explains Palumbo. – But the case of Chloe, with her load of divisions and poisons, it is showing to what extent there is also to go through the different parts that have been expressed about what has happened in recent days. Sometimes it would be better to shut up.

Chloe’s death is an exploitation

The director concludes: “I was disgusted with him exploitation which was made of the death of this master. The painful choice he made must be respected. And instead there are those who took the opportunity to try to connect in every way things that happened seven years ago with his suicide. It’s a shameful spectacle. “

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