CASERTA. The municipality renews the pact with Giovine and company. for Villa Giaquinto. Now Raffaele-Harry Potter do the real opposition, otherwise it will all end with “ricotta”

Caserta City Council has approved the renewal of the Villa Giaquinto collaboration agreement. The voices that see him approaching the minority sphere within the Democratic Party and the behavior maintained so far in the city council would have already made us seal the political trajectory of the councilor of Caserta. He decides it’s “serum-based protein,” but he’s still done it. another opportunity, perhaps the last, not to betray its voters and Committee members who have been working tirelessly for years

CASERTA (lvr) – Yesterday, June 23, Caserta City Council approved the renewal of the Villa Giaquinto collaboration agreement with the committee of the same name, which since 2018 is officially in charge of the green area near via San Carlo. In essence, this is a continuation of the previous fact of collaboration between the commission for the capital and the capital, based on the regulation approved by the city council in June 2017.

In exchange for the care of the territory and the cultural and aggregation activities carried out by the members of the commission, the municipality of Caserta grants the patronage for all the actions foreseen by the pact, the exemption of the rights of investigation and occupation of public land, as well as the specific quotas for the initiatives realized in the frame of the agreement of collaboration. Then the exemption from the fee for the placement of event billboards, the maintenance of the ordinary maintenance of the green area and lighting systems.

This is a very important moment because compared to 3 years ago something has changed.

He who was the most prominent figure on the Committee, the voice of the group, Raffaele Giovine a few months ago he became councilor of the opposition, after having presented himself to the first citizen with the list Caserta decides and having achieved an excellent election result. The Villa Giaquinto committee is currently represented by Luca Vozza, a 26-year-old from Caserta. But it is clear that the exponent of the most important group is Giovine, who thanks to his work for the Parquet of the Hammocks he received praise in the city.

The boys and girls of Villa Giaquinto have worked very well in recent years, making a place forgotten by the municipal administration of Carlo Marino a livable the heart of the city’s activities.

But now, all the work should not be wasted and, above all, the ultimate goal of the commission should not be thrown away. And that responsibility is in Giovine’s hands.

So far, the minority municipal councilor has not distinguished himself in those operations of control and opposition to the majority, civic obligation and responsibility of each citizen representative who is granted a clear popular mandate.

And here the popular mandate is very clear: to oppose those who, like those who run the city, are among the main culprits in the defeat of the capital.

Now, the decision of the renewed collaboration agreement with the Committee and the previous smooth behavior, so to speak (an example for everyone)held in assembly by Giovine, without regard to this its two strongest candidates in the list of Caserta Decide, Vincenzo Fiano and Virginia Crovella, contributed all their votes and those of the old Canapificio of which they belong to mayor Marino during the face to face with Zinzi, gave the side to a ‘is certainly not a positive interpretation of the director’s recent past, but above all of the future.

But if the past is past – an obvious concept – he now has a duty to move away from the political positions of the majority, not to become bourgeois, not to wear the political veil on the fine initiatives that the Villa Giaquinto committee has launched in recent years.

Quoting director Gianluigi Guarino: “we don’t throw it at ricotta“.

The only opportunity not to transform a civic committee into another process of patronage and bearer of votes in favor of Mayor Marino will be that Raffaele Giovine really faces opposition in the city councilthey prove to be far from the center-left political sphere — left in the sense of disturbing and certainly not belonging to political principles — that guides the city.

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