Calcio, at the crossroads of the goal the opposite destination of Caprile and Frattali in Bari

BARI – The duel begins to conquer the goal of Bari. In view of a necessary refreshment to a fairly old team, the white-and-red club has chosen the profile that can guarantee a bright future, without neglecting the present. In fact, the arrival of 21-year-old Elia Caprile, who will turn 25 on August, has finally arrived in Leeds: in the next few hours, the young Verona-born winger will sign a three-year contract. Growing up at Chievo, of which he was a mainstay in the spring, he then had to leave the yellow and blue club following the failure of 2020. His talent, however, did not escape the Leeds of Italian businessman Andrea Radrizzani: for a season the boy from Veneto has worked under the orders of a teacher like the Argentine coach Marcelo Bielsa, participating, even without making his debut in the first team and playing in the under 23 team, in the promotion to the Premier League.

Then the return ceded to Italy, to the Pro Patria with which he reached the second round of the promotion playoff. With its 191 centimeters (weighing 82 kg), Caprile contains the physical characteristics required by modern goalkeepers, but makes reactivity its strong point. A quality especially sought after by white-and-red sporting director Ciro Polito, a former goalkeeper who stood out for his reflexes and explosive strength. In the entourage of the Gallettis there is great satisfaction for this operation: although it is not a name yet established for the general public, Caprile will arrive in Puglia with the firm intention of competing for a starting position. And here opens the delicate chapter dedicated to Pierluigi Frattali. The Roman winger was the undisputed master of the Bari poles in the last three years of C. Despite having a solid contract at Parma, he opted to make the double jump back from the A to the Pro League to feel protagonist and return to fashion. a large square. Now it will be necessary to understand how he will live the new situation. Frattali is 36 years old (he will turn 37 on December 1) and is in his final year of contract with the Gallettis. Thinking about his succession was a duty, hiring a young profile that could guarantee perspective in the position. In the presence of the right conditions, then, Michele Mignani could also decide to focus immediately on Caprile, relying on Frattali’s experience and professionalism to have solid coverage for the young teammate and perhaps to facilitate his growth. However, the experienced Lazio goalkeeper cannot be assumed to accept this dimension.

“Gigi,” as everyone calls her in the locker room, still feels whole, fit, ready for new ventures. And if you are offered an attractive project, you might even consider it. Event that would lead Bari to make other decisions: whether to confirm for example Emanuele Polverino who currently seems to be out and has several fans in C or return to the market. In the first hypothesis, it would start from the disposition shown by the 24-year-old Neapolitan in the last tournament, when he responded with great personality to the call during Frattali’s injury, precisely in the most delicate matches of the second round. If, on the other hand, Polverino wants a more continuous experience, then an expert goalkeeper would be sought to act as a reliable alternative to Caprile. A possibility that, however, seems remote at the moment: Bari is convinced that Frattali remains in white and red and continues on his way. With the legitimate ambition to maintain the initial position, but also with the will to prepare who will succeed him. In short, the challenge of number one has begun. Under the banner of healthy competition that will involve all roles.

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