Ballet of Verona, Sboarina still raises the tone on “genre” and “rum”. Tommasi closes with walks through the neighborhoods (and with Beppe Sala)

“The left wants to leadgender ideology in our children’s schools ”. The outgoing mayor was quick Verona, Federico Sboarinato appropriate the words of the bishopputting this sentence in the flying pasted on the doors of all the veroneses on the penultimate day of election campaign. Or maybe it was monsignor Giuseppe Zenti indicate the correct path to follow at the polls, when a week ago he wrote to the priests inviting them to preach to identify the candidate programs “To what sensitivity and attention are they reserved family loved by God and not altered by the ideology of gender … “. The case is that the language is the same, although the bishop denied the intention to favor Sboarina to the detriment of Damiano Tommasithe former footballer and exponent of center leftwho got 40 percent of the vote in the first round, leaving the lawyer at seven percentage points.

Now it has arrived on the eve of the vote and the tones have risen, at least on the side of Sboarina, which was launched on Facebook an appeal against the apocalypse which would be about to crash into Verona. “The city cannot afford to turn back the clock, we remember all the years in which the left ruled: Gypsy camps squatters in the neighborhoods, robberies and violence in bursts, abusive sellers annoying and dangerous in the center, even in piazza Bra and via Mazzini. The seven main Italian cities with the highest crime rate are administered by the left. In Rome, the mayor of the Democratic Party has decided to give up to 10,000 euros to gypsies to find them at home. “Not to mention the Five stars, “They are causing chaos and damage in Italy.” Final slogan: “Verona, never on the left”.

This call to arms will be enough to take voters to the polls and facilitate the recovery of the right center? Tommasi kept walking around the neighborhoods talking about a city “modern and livable, supportive and optimistic”, Not on the brink of war. He received a visit from Giuseppe Salamayor of Milan, who said: “Verona has to change its pace, and Damiano is the right person. A civic like me, disconnected from the old policyhe has pretty clear ideas. “That the big names don’t arrive by the last day is normal. Tommasi deserted when they arrived Enrico Letta I Giuseppe Conte, for not having party flags nailed to the chest. I prefer hundreds of yellow t-shirts accompanying him and animating the final party in Ottocento Park, with Dario Vergassola.

Monsignor Zenti’s letter could not go unnoticed. Tommasi simply says: “The bishop is the bishop …”. Instead, those who don’t fit in are an awkward chaplain like don Marco Campedelli who hired a rough one with the bishop face to face at the seminar, accusing him of “authoritarianism.” In the meantime, he sent to the agency Listen a long letter. “Can Bishop Zenti’s initiative (letter of June 18) be considered an accident on the road? Looking back, can’t you read how it’s inscribed in your way of positioning yourself in relation to the city? What about his way of doing the role of bishop? In 2015, the recipients changed: the religion teachers he indicated to support Salvini’s candidate for the elections, now the recipients are priests and deacons ”. He then recalls when “Bishop Zenti forbade a large group of young people from a parish in the city to have an ecumenical experience, creating real discomfort in those girls and boys who had studied the Council …Institut Provolo has circled the globe. How was he treated in Verona? How did Bishop Zenti treat him? ” Don Campedelli asks a series of questions. “In order to play your role, do you always have to appeal to the principle of authority? Does authority always go hand in hand with authority? Today in 2022, does the chaplain still need to tell people what to vote for? Because Bishop Zenti on certain topics in the letter is so precise and detailed: he speaks of ‘genre’catholic school ‘and in others it is as generic as “welcome the unknown”. Why then in this case not to speak of ‘ius soli ‘ you hate ‘ius culturae’? “

In the political sphere, Flavio Tosi (with Come to Italy) has now closed with Sboarina and denounces the attempt to make appear voting agreements that they are not there, with those who did not want to appearances. “These exploits are another arrogant gesture towards the founding party of the center-right. A arrogance that reached its peak with Sboarina’s refusal to appear and that has persisted for years. Think about what the outgoing mayor said in this election campaign: that Forza Italia was playing the first round against the center-right, or that Forza Italia is not a party but just a logo. Unacceptable phrases and, hearing them again, it makes us smile to see now the Sboariniani tries to take the votes of the voters of a party that for years have been mocked a lot, to the point of forcing him to officially leave the majority of Palau Barbieri“.

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