at Villa Waissmann three days to raise funds for Lilt

The story of a woman to embrace those who, like her, have lived or are going through the difficult path of illness, and the support of many friends who wanted to face it, starting with the players of the Imoco Volley, the captain of Venezia Calcio and Los Massadores, for the occasion with a new costume. “When life is colored by Rosa” is the event promoted and organized by the City of Giavera del Montello which will take place on 1, 2 and 3 July with the aim of raising awareness on the subject of prevention and collecting funds to be allocated to LILT Provinciale Treviso so that it can help women prevent and, if necessary, cope with the disease.

A series of events will be held around Villa Wassermann: on Friday 1 July, a theatrical performance by the Giavera del Montello company “I Baciciari”; Saturday, July 2, the Los Massadores concert with free admission; Sunday, July 3, afternoon dedicated to sports, for athletes of all ages and levels, who can choose between a walk or a trail. The event will end with a spit dinner carefully prepared by the alpine troops. Three days of parties and shows to celebrate life and the importance of prevention so that all women can say that their life has also turned pink.

The event was born from the experience of Francesca Varaschin, Councilor for Family Policy and the Giavera del Montello School. In 2019 she discovers she has breast cancer. The trip was difficult, but now she is cured and if she can tell her story today it is thanks to the fact that a mammogram has been planned on her own initiative as a preventive measure. If he hadn’t, the result would probably have been different. Hence the desire to value their experience so that other women can also benefit. Thanks to the support of the mayor and the city council of Giavera del Montello, who was immediately sensitive and prepared, the first edition of “When pink colors your life” is born, where moments of joy can become key message amplifiers: prevention saves lives. .

“The whole council agreed to carry out this solidarity and awareness project,” says Francesca Varaschin. “And it is precisely in favor of prevention and the Lilt that the City of Giavera has decided to organize this important event. The goal is to raise funds to give to the association that treats cancer patients, giving them hope, confidence and relief. “When pink has a color of life” will also be an opportunity to be a community again, united and joyful in the name of events and shows that fill the heart. ”“ In this context, the goals of our Association fit well, namely: reducing the incidence of tumors in our country by promoting prevention, early diagnosis and research, improving the quality of life of patients and providing care responses to some of the patients in need, collaborating with the structures of the health service The vice-president of the LILT Provincial Association of Treviso, Prof. Nelly Raisi Mantovani, comments.

A choral contribution. To support the initiative also many friends who have put their face to the event, from the entire Imoco Volley team, with the special participation of Monica De Gennaro and Raphaela Folie who stressed the importance of caring through prevention, to Marco Modolo, captain of Venezia Calcio who wanted to highlight the role of Lilt and the importance of supporting the association, to Los Massadores who, in addition to playing on Saturday evening, to support the project is They strip them of their usual desecrating dress, to put on the clothes of someone who is ironically capable of touching on important and delicate issues such as prevention. A LILT viewpoint will be installed every day of the event with the presence of volunteers from the Montebelluna Delegation. There will be specialist doctors who will schedule free breast exams.

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