ANAC activities, presentation of the annual report

The presentation of the

ANAC Report 2021, by the president of the National Anticorruption Authority, lawyer. Giuseppe Busia.

ANAC activities, Annual Report 2021 presented

After a premise about the current situation, characterized by a difficult scenario for the war in Ukraine, which caused instability and worsening economic conditions, the energy crisis and the sudden rise in raw material costs , Busia highlighted the positive aspects. such as the growth provided by the EU Next Generation and the unexpected leap forward in GDP. From there, he continued with the report on the activity of the ANAC, which dealt with the following macro-issues:

  • the central role of the ANAC in the PNRR;
  • the prevention of corruption and the promotion of transparency;
  • public contracts.

The activity of the ANAC linked to the PNRR

As Busia explains, since its approval, most of the activities of the ANAC have been directed, as requested by the European Commission, towards a better implementation of the Recovery and resilience plan (Pnrr), quickly dictating goals and objectives, especially with regard to digitization of public contracts ia qualification of contracting authorities, as well as the revision of the regulations on public contracts. Precisely in this last aspect, Busia has recalled the importance of the reform as a prerequisite for the correct and effective use of huge funds for 2026.

Prevention of corruption and promotion of transparency

The measures that the ANAC considers fundamental to prevent corruption and promote transparency are:

  • creating a new generation of officials public, able to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of the citizenry, ensuring the proper functioning of the PA required by art. 97 of the Constitution;
  • there simplification administrative procedures;
  • the creation of the single transparency portalalso to encourage citizen participation in the implementation of the PNR;
  • the implementation of regulatory interventions, to strengthen
    impartiality and transparency;
  • the centrality of the role of Responsible for the prevention of corruption and transparency;
  • there collaborative supervisioneven by the municipalities dissolved by the mafia;
  • the transposition of the directive on
    Whistleblowers for the protection of the worker who reports infractions in the workplace.

Public contracts

In the report, Busia reiterated like me public contracts represent it the most effective tool in the hands of public officials, to give impetus and concretization to public policies, to make concrete and current the underlying values, as well as to pursue the major goals linked to social cohesion, ecological and digital transition. It has been estimated that every billion invested through public procurement generates three billion related activities and a number of jobs ranging from twelve thousand to sixteen thousand. Therefore, a strategic use of public procurement produces long-term effects and is able to favor those elements of economic and social innovation essential for a more modern, efficient country capable of responding to the challenges of tomorrow.

Precisely for this reason, the changes made by the Authority to outline of the standard callwhich includes measures to promote gender equality and the inclusion and compliance of collective agreements.

The ANAC also hopes to overcome the overuse of
direct orders, in accordance with European principles. While on the one hand they have certainly accelerated orders, especially in times of pandemic, on the other hand they have had negative repercussions on competition and participation in tenders, on the selection of the best offers and, therefore, on efficiency. , effective and economical management of public spending.

Digitization of tenders and qualification of contracting centers

The ANAC promotes the definitive transition from paper to digital, adopting andl Type of call n.1 / 2021 for the procedures carried out entirely electronically, so that the traceability of the activities carried out in all phases of the tender is also guaranteed and, with this, the integrity and transparency of the administrative action. The leap to digital will find its axis in the B.hip National Public Procurement Data
established in Anac, which constitutes a model for the rest of the countries of the European Union.

Still with the aim of guaranteeing greater efficiency and less waste of public resources, the ANAC aims to reduce the more than 39,000 SA in Italy and create a system of qualification of recruitment stations.

Collaborative supervision

Finally, the Report focused on the collaborative supervision of the ANAC with the PAs, which led to the following activities:

  • support for especially complex award procedures;
  • protocols with ministries;
  • adoption of pre-litigation opinions and advisory functions;
  • high vigilance of large works;
  • extraordinary business management and support measures.

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