“Alternation Day” for companies in the hairdressing and beauty sector at the CIOFS in Castellanza

Monday, July 4 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the headquarters of CFP, via Montessori 6 in Castellanza (next to the Humanitas Mater Domini clinic), an appointment to meet companies in the welfare sector and present the opportunities of the dual system, to illustrate in detail the logic and operation of training alternation and learning first level.

These are the main objectives of the meeting “AAA Alternation / Learning / Crafts) Looking for hairdresser / beautician”Scheduled between the Vocational Training Center (CFP) of Castellanza of the CIOFS-FP Lombardia and the territorial Confartigianato of both Varese and Alto Milanese.

Here is the full program

The commitment and interest in the training in the welfare sector of the CFP of the Salesian sisters is evident by the increase in the number of students attending.

  • both the aesthetics course, born 2 years ago and which reaches the end of the first three-year period with the 2022/23 academic year with the first students to achieve the professional qualification.
  • both the hairdressing sector (in which the CIOFS of Castellanza has been active for about 20 years) and for the second time in a row will start with a double first class.

Hence the association with Confartigianato at different levels, from the regional to the provincial level, precisely to describe these “dual” experiences, in which the training of young people takes place almost halfway between vocational training and business.

In fact, in the CIOFS training and vocational training cycles (which allow children after the middle cycle to complete compulsory education while learning a job) training in the company lasts from 240 hours per year. from the 2nd to the 500th of the 4th. in the professional itineraries of central and northern Europe, where youth unemployment and early school leaving are close to zero.

Curricular internships, free, safe, covered by insurance, which are developed entirely in the company, with individual projects, finding the right company for each individual student. Who has the opportunity to grow by completing the technical preparation initiated for the CFP directly in the labor market.

But also great opportunity for companies to express their training skillsper to support the younger generationspassionate about a job, meeting young people in growth, contributing to their maturation and professionalism.

What Don Bosco was already asking for and looking for in entrepreneurs. And what is still needed (and perhaps more) now.

But companies are not born to do this: they need support.

And the SFO International Council is happy to give it.

The meeting serves precisely to better understand how these “alternative paths” work (including training learning), understand what the legislation provides, delve into the training proposal of the CIOFS, evaluate the organizational and bureaucratic aspects, meet people engaged in these activities , see and touch the workshops, appreciate the technical training offered.

And maybe ask to host an intern as early as next fall.

For information / subscriptions use the following online form https://forms.gle/DG68QkEi4cUAphPz8

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