Aidem: CODING and COMPUTATIONAL THOUGHT: how to apply them to primary school from the new school year 2022/23 (accredited online course)

Online practical training course, to teach teachers the basics of computational thinking and support them in the application of coding in the classroom from the new school year – MIUR accredited (15 hours) and valid for obtaining 0 , 5 points in the ranking.

There are only a few months left for the compulsory implementation of the teaching of coding in primary school (Motion No. 1-00117 of March 12, 2019).

The Italian school is increasingly attended by «centenarians», This is the generation that has not known the world without the internet: it is the first digital native generation, the identity and the way of relating to themselves and to others have been shaped by social networks.

It is now impossible to ignore the importance of digital tools, coding, programming, and computational thinking in the lives of digital natives: today’s children will go to a job that does not yet exist or is already closely linked to information and coding technologies (technicians, website creators, computer scientists, programmers), therefore, it is a specific duty of the school to provide students with the foundations to embark on a useful path for their future, already from primary school.

Teaching coding and robotics at school it means planning the teachings from an innovative and strategic didactic model, which is no longer statically transmissive, but is structured through laboratories and exercises in which the student himself is the protagonist.

Give primary school teachers practical-operational support that allows them include coding in the classroom and educate students to think and act computationallywe have organized an online Practical Seminar.

By purchasing this practical course online now, you will be able to benefit from the most advantageous price and train as and when you want during the summer period, thus taking advantage of the coming months to plan the activities of the new course.

It is a accredited online course (15 hours of training), present on the Sofia Platform and then also available with the teacher’s card.

Besides, at the end of the course participants will receive a certificate thatissued by AIDEM SRL, as a subject entitled MIUR for the training of school staff in accordance with Directive no. 170/2016, will allow you to receive 0.5 points valid as computer certification for provincial and institute rankings.

Online seminar (online practical training course)


Practical instructions for planning didactic and educational itineraries through paper and Scratch programming

MIUR accredited (15 hours) and valid for 0.5 points in the ranking

Curated by Matteo Troìa and Francesco Passantino, experts in digitization, technology and coding

LIMITED OFFER: 20% DISCOUNT for registrations received before Friday, July 1, 2022.

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What is the online seminar?

  • This is an online hands-on training course, which consists of 4 lessons available on our web portal dedicated to training.
  • The course is present at Sofia platform and then you can pay for it also using the Faculty Letter (Identification code: 62539).
  • After activating your personal account on our e-learning platform, you can do so access the contents of the training (brochures, summary slides, videos, intermediate questionnaires) anytime and from anywhere with considerable time and money savingssince you will receive all the training you need directly on your computer, without having to miss school.
  • The lessons will remain in your power and you will be able to do so also consult them after finishing the course.

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By attending our online seminar you will gain the following benefits:

  • Comply with national curriculum guidelines and gradually begin to include coding among school subjects.
  • Use coding and computer teaching for educational and didactic purposes.
  • Please respect the deadline for entering the encoding among school subjects for 2022, as indicated by national curriculum guidelines.
  • Offer students the opportunity to learn, from the first school years, a think computationally.
  • Use Scratch, Scratch JR, Makey Makey and Blockly in teaching: play is the key to bringing children closer to innovative and digital education.
  • Create exercises, video games and animations along with his students.
  • Learn to organize workshops on coding and assessing children’s progress.
  • Learn a new teaching methodwhich captures and stimulates the interest of the most demotivated and distracted students.
  • Learn the basics of electronics and teach them through simple and effective exercises.
  • Learn the language of digital nativesso you can easily communicate and stay up to date with them.
  • Receive theFinal certificate of participation, which will allow you to ask for 0.5 points for classification.

Payment Methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • Postal
  • Teacher’s card
  • PayPal

This is an online course accredited and also available for purchase with the Teacher’s Card.
If you do not intend to take advantage of this bonus, you can benefit from a special discount.


  • 20% DISCOUNT if you register until Friday, July 1, 2022.
  • Additional 10% discount. in the case of 2 or more students enrolled in the same school.

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