A1 women’s series, Imoco Volley rejuvenates with Marina Lubian

Prosecco Doc Imoco Volley Conegliano tries to bring more freshness to its staff with the arrival of Marina Lubian, which thus fills the central department already formed by the reconfirmed Fahr and Squarcini. There was fierce competition from her, but the company chaired by Piero Garbellotto, with a lot of determination and will, managed to win. Lubian, who will wear the number 9 jersey, comes from Savino Del Bene Scandicci, who won the Challenge Cup last year, and among her characteristics, which make her a modern player, are blocking and christening.

THE RACE – Born in Moncalieri (Turin) on April 11, 2000 and 192 cm tall, Marina began her business early, precisely at the end of the Lilliput in Settimo Torinese (2015/16), with which she achieved the ‘ascent to A2. From 2016 to 2019 he wore the Club Italia shirt, which is divided between A2 and A1, while in the last three seasons he wore the Savino Del Bene Scandicci shirt.

Even in the national team, her experience begins at a young age: coach Mazzanti can not fail to notice her qualities and includes her in the list of players called up in 2018 for world success in Japan, losing in the final to the very strong Serbia.


Lubian begins by revealing how the idea of ​​accepting the new destination was born: “The choice to come to Conegliano was a sum of factors. I think I will have the opportunity to grow a lot with Daniele (coach Santarelli) and all the staff but also with the girls who will surely be a key part of my growth and that of the team.“.

After many battles as a rival, the time has finally come to play for the yellows and blues: “After so many times that I have challenged Conegliano, both when I was at Club Italia and in recent years when I was at Scandicci, being on the other side of the net now has a very special effect, but it certainly fills me with pride and I can’t wait to achieve all the goals we will set ourselves with my new club and my new teammates“.

It is also based on a valuable element to try to keep winning: “For me it is very exciting to be part of this “new cycle” of the team, there will be a group with many new ones besides me and the stimuli are really many. I already know some girls and I think this will surely help me, but I am very curious to meet them all soon and share some good emotions with them!“.

About Santarelli’s match: “I’ve always liked it a lot, being central when I was on the other side was always hard to keep up with the Panthers ’fast paced game. Asia Wolosz is one of the strongest installers in the world, so I don’t think we have too much trouble finding ourselves, I’m pretty sure!“.

As a former opponent, Lubian judges the Panthers as follows: “Surely they have always had something more because they have played many years together, a solid group with excellent grafts every year, and they have been able to create their own game and a cohesion that was perceived from the outside. In addition to being individually phenomenal girls and great champions, of course, but in my opinion cohesion has been their strength, now it’s up to us to follow that track.“.

However, it will be an intense summer: “For now the program is to participate in the VNL and then after a break there will be training for the World Cup, and then … we’ll see! By the way, I would like to send good luck to Sarah who I hope will be fine soon and we miss her so much!“.

The new headquarters closes with a greeting to the new supporters: “Conegliano’s fans are always present, at home and away, I feel like helping the team at any time, with warmth and justice, even as a rival they have always congratulated me and have always been very athletic. So a welcome to them and see you soon !!“.

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