Today’s Soccer Predictions – Thursday, June 23, 2022

Today’s football predictions Thursday, June 23, 2022 will worry 5 quotes in the 5 most interesting and important matches of the dayrecommended by analyzing the statistics of the last matches, the form of the team, the classification and other factors that affect to give a prediction in Serie A matches, Champions League, Europa League, Premier League, LaLiga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, the new Conference League but also foreign championship matches to be played daily and national matches.

Today’s football predictions – 23/06/2022

Pronunciation Defenders – Racing de Cordoba, Federal A Zone B (Argentina)

Prediction: Racing de Córdoba @ 2.20

We are in the 15th day of the Argentine federal championship A Zone B where among the many matches that will be played mostly in the evening is the evening match of the 19 Italians between Defensores de Pronunciation and Racing de Córdoba. Respectively, the local team occupies the 13th position with 13 points won through 3 wins, 4 draws and 6 defeats, with 9 goals and have suffered 16 with a goal difference of -7 goals, a very important statistic in take into account since the rival. The team, which is in first place with 9 wins, 4 draws and 0 losses so far in 13 games played, has scored 24 goals with an average of 1.8 goals per game, scoring only 4. From this data you can easily understand that the favorite team to win is the visiting team, also because the last 5 games played by Racing say 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat, different numbers of the local team that instead the results obtained are in chronological order 1 draw, 1 victory, 2 consecutive. draws and a defeat in the last game played. Prediction of this match that, therefore, will go in favor of the local team with an excellent 2.20 to be taken into account without any doubt taking into account what is ahead and stronger than the visiting team.


SJK Akatemia – PEPO Lappeenranta, Ykkonen (Finland)

Prediction: Goal @ 1.55

1st day of the Finnish Ykkonen Championship in which we will see two teams compete in the previous championship that finished the season in the middle of the table, with the local team with 2 defeats, 2 draws in the last 5 games played between friendlies. and matches of the previous championship and a single victory, equality for the visiting team that in the last 5 matches has scored 5 goals and instead has suffered 11, not an excellent average of goals conceded therefore. Instead, the home team scored 8 goals and 9 conceded. We are talking about two teams that, therefore, score a lot but also suffer a lot of goals during the championship matches, so for this match we opt for the Gol forecast, which is still one of the most played given the high probability of success with the forecasts. in question given a good 1.55!


Bredablik – KR Reykjavik, Beast Deildin (Iceland)

Prediction: Over 2.5 @ 1.52

We change country going to Iceland where at 21:15 for the Besta Deildin championship match where we are on the 12th day the match will be played between the 1st and 6th of the classification, with 27 and 16 points respectively with the local team that so far it has got 9 wins, no draws and only one defeat, while the host team in the 11 games played so far has got 4 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses. It is a match between two teams that so far in the last 5 games have only achieved positive results, with the local team with 4 wins and one defeat while the host team has 4 draws and one win. For this absolutely interesting match, the prediction will be about the total number of goals to be scored, with More than 2.5 or Less than 2.5 among the most played. In fact, it will be the odds that include a total of 3 goals or more that our experts recommend betting, with the odds in question given in a good 1.52 that you can take advantage of without any doubt.


MCO Oujda – Rapide Club Oued Zem

Prediction: 12 @ 1.35

We move on to the Moroccan championship where instead we are in the 12th day of the championship in which in today’s football predictions we will talk about the match between MCO Oujda and Rapide Club Oued Zem, respectively 14th and 16th in the standings with 27 and 22. points with the home team having won 6 draws, 9 draws and 11 losses so far, while the home team 5 wins 7 draws and 14 losses. Prediction for this match is quite easy being a double chance, and for this match we will recommend that the most played is the one that seems most likely, that is, 12 dice at 1.35!


FAR Rabat – MAD Fes

Prediction: FAR Rabat @ 2.20

We close with another match of the Moroccan Botola Pro championship but this time between the 3rd and 4th of the classification, a match without a doubt more exciting and with a more proactive prognosis. For this match we opt for the victory of the local team that in the last 5 matches has won 1 defeat, 1 draw and 3 wins in a row, with the probability of 1 being the most probable given that it is the favorite of the match, given at 2.20 !


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