the prosecutor is asking for two years and six months in prison

A very harsh sentence was requested some time ago by the prosecutor in the ongoing trial in the court of Lucca which sees the former cycling world champion Mario Cipollini accused of the crimes of ill-treatment, injury and threats against his ex-wife Sabrina Landucci and , in part, also of his current partner, the former Rossoneri footballer Silvio Giusti.

Letizia Cai, in fact, at the end of her indictment, which lasted just under an hour, asked Cipollini for two years and six months in prison. The prosecutor began by going back in time and summarizing, one after the other, the episodes that have characterized this episode of domestic violence, but not only. First of all, the event that later convinced the victim to report her ex-husband or the attack she suffered while inside the work center, the Ego de Sant’Alessio sports center where the woman was working and where , among other things, still lends its work. On that occasion, the former world champion grabbed his wife by the neck and threw her against the wall. Terrified, Sabrina Landucci was rescued by people in the gym and later opted for legal action, overcoming the fear of a media storm that would inevitably overwhelm her daughters as well and overcoming her attitude of confidentiality.

Although the event that took place in the gym was the drop that made the camel drip with joy, the violent behavior of the “Lion King” -a title that now sounds almost parody- had begun long before, already in the first years of marriage. The prosecutor, in fact, went through the first acts of violence and the first threats, such as when, in the middle of a jealousy attack, Cipollini saw his then-partner’s bicycle in pairs for fear that he would “disobey” by choosing to use it. the. without your consent.

Despite the detailed descriptions of the facts provided by the witnesses of the civil party and the prosecution, the well-known cyclist continued to deny all the facts, even denying an episode that took place directly in court, at the last hearing, in which Cipollini has shot to the force Sabrina Landucci in front of her lawyer and dozens and dozens of witnesses.

The portrait given to us by the Prime Minister is therefore that of a man “extremely violent, extremely threatening and extremely prevaricating” whose jealousy and blind anger have been repeatedly poured out against Sabrina Landucci but also against her current members Silvio Giusti. Right inside the aforementioned Ego gym, Cipollini came to define Silvio Giusti as a nobody, shouting in front of many people: “You are nobody and you are worthless, while I am Cipollini. If one day at 5 I get up and I want to make you disappear, no one else can find you, I have friends everywhere. “

It is precisely the idea of ​​being replaced, obviously, that has repeatedly encouraged the rage of the cyclist, who from the beginning had marked the relationship in a deeply unilateral and toxic way, making sure that the couple did not own anything that surrounded her. being able to control it first and foremost financially. In fact, it was only thanks to the maid’s “complicity” that Mrs. Landucci was able to take off her clothes when in 2013 she decided to move in with her mother for the second time, throwing her out the window and then moving it. secretly.

Although the trial and testimony depict a toxic relationship full of physical and psychological violence, it is important to note how fortunately the two daughters did not participate in any way in either the trial or the media acts that involved him. , thanks to the commitment of the lawyers and the two protagonists.

“One element that is certainly in our favor is the kind of testimony summoned by the defense,” said Ms Landucci’s lawyer, Sabrina Campione after the hearing, “who defended the accused only for ill-treatment and only until 2009., because all of them had I have not seen my client since then, some even since 2004. It is also important to note that none of them were part of the family circle, we have not seen either the mother or Cipollini ‘s brother: the sister even chose not to answer instead of trying to exonerate her brother. “

“Even Ventura’s testimony – the lawyer continued – the maid of the couple who still works for Cipollini is decisive. Far from denying what Mrs. Landucci says, she actually ends up confirming it, giving a version of the During a fight between the two ex-spouses, it was she who called Mrs. Landucci’s mother, telling her to move that her daughter was in danger of being murdered, and talked about a normal fight between spouses. , with the lady who was calling him while Cipollini was sending her and that frightened she decided to call her mother “.

“What woman who fights with her husband calls the maid if she is not in danger? Then she is frightened by herself,” she said, “but then she called Sabrina’s mother,” the lawyer concluded. It can tell us a lot about the situation in which this woman found herself and the instinctive way in which she reacted by trying to protect Mrs. Landucci. “

We can only wait for the verdict to arrive on July 13, even if the reasons come as usual only later. Then the judge will decide on the two and a half years requested by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and on the 80 thousand euros requested by the civil party as compensation.

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