The Emilia-Romagna region adopts the Charter of Ethics for Sport

The Equality Commission took stock of sports practice and the gender issue in Emilia-Romagna

Developing equality and anti-discrimination policies, including in the field of sport, is an objective that the Emilia-Romagna region by adopting the Ethical charter of sport. In the Equality Commission, chaired by Federico Amico, has taken stock of sport and the gender issue. “A topic of special interest – stressed Amico – and from the analysis of the assessment clause of the regional law agreed to propose to the reflections of councilors what the Region wants to do in terms of gender in sport.”

The head of the Political Secretariat of the presidency of the Junta, Giammaria Manghi, stressed: “We are grateful to the Assembly for enriching the ethical charter of sport with regard to the work we have to face, introducing principles such as law of each citizen of Emilia-Romagna to practice sport without gender distinction and the contrast to inequalities for those who practice competitive sports.The Charter also commits sports clubs to improve women’s participation.Then it is the task of public administrations to ensure that these values ​​are put into practice. That is why we are on the ground to apply for membership in the Charter of Ethics by giving a reward in calls for funding for sports clubs. “

Manghi stressed that already in the 2021 call there are 4 projects that have registered an affiliation to the points of the Charter of Ethics with projects that see mostly female participation. There are also numerous sporting events in 2022 that are characterized by the gender focus organized in Emilia-Romagna, such as the Giro d’Italia for women, futsal, duathlon and triathlon, the friendly football match Sassuolo-Bayern Monaco . which will take place at the Mapei Stadium in Reggio Emilia. These and other events, some already held, others to be hosted in the coming months, will be enriched with talks and opportunities for reflection. Finally, the head of the Political Secretariat recalled that in July a study will be delivered on how restrictions on sports during the pandemic were addressed.

Gioia Virgilio author with Silvia Lolli of the book “Women and sport. Continuous gender analysis, “he stressed,” still today there are obstacles and discrimination based on gender stereotypes that athletes often have to face. “

Manuela Claysset, head of gender policies at Uisp, explained: “According to state data, we are a town that does a lot of physical activity and women are constantly growing in sport, even though men are even more so. The problem, for Italians who play sports on a professional level, is that they are still penalized in terms of financial rewards. In recent years, progress has been made: motherhood has been recognized for professional athletes and professionalism has been recognized for Serie A footballers. These are small steps forward but much remains to be done. Starting with gender language, for which we have worked on guidelines for journalists. To keep the system running, we have to deal with the economic difficulties linked to the pandemic. ”

For Roberta Mori (Democratic Party) “our actions will have weight when we can measure them well through the data. Accessibility to sport needs to be more inclusive and as institutions we must act as drivers of an increasingly appropriate culture and gender ”.

Silvia Zamboni (Green Europe) has applauded the authors of the book “Women and Sport” because it embraces many aspects of sports activity in an original way, an area in which gender inequality is still widespread. It is important for the Region to take into account that investments must be made in women’s sports ”.

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