The best sports games for Sega Mega Drive, from WWF to FIFA 95

The Sega Mega Drive was the birthplace of some of the most popular video game sports series today, such as FIFA and wrestling games.

Modern sports games they have their positive aspects. The realism and graphic fidelity shown allow you to really feel the moment and enjoy any sport you love so much. However, it can be seen that this commitment to realism took away much of the fun that made the genre unique. What was once full of arcade battles between different teams is now more of an “experience” than a simple game.

Sega Mega Drive, the best sports games –

What were the old sports games like? Well, they were bursts of sporting action. Sure, the visual quality was nothing to see, but these smaller games were a lot of fun to play with a few friends on the couch. The Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis, for American users) offered a lot of games like these, so it was very easy to finish off some of the best titles in history.

The best heavyweights –

When you think of boxing games, Foradar !! It’s probably the first game that comes to mind. It’s a great game, but it’s less of a boxing game and more of a rhythm game. You have to memorize the patterns and press the buttons at the right time. Greatest Heavyweights are more complex than that, giving you a little more strategic depth in your shots. Plus, it allows you to play with legendary boxers like Muhammad Ali.

Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe –

We never said these games had to be real. Imagine a little handball, a little ice hockey and much more violence, and here is Speedball. You can score goals with the ball, but why should you do it when you can just hurt your opponents to score? A weird game, but once you catch it, you’ll have a lot of laughs with your friends.

NHL ’94 –

If you want a sports game that has been revered as one of the best ever, you don’t have to go beyond NHL ’94. It’s one of the best encapsulations of fast-paced hockey action and had such a good control scheme that it’s still an option. Modern NHL. It is no coincidence that an emulated version of the game is still available on modern platforms today.

Madden NFL ’95 –

Maddens for Mega Drive had their own charm and which one of your favorites is due to pure personal preference, but they are all such brilliant NFL simulations. They do not have the high standards of collision simulation or animations of modern games, but the loop behind the game is still pretty much the same.

mega drive saw

WWF Royal Rumble –

Older 2D fighting games are a bit weird today, but if you’re just used to 3D games, it’s worth a try. The controls may be absurd when you start playing, but you’ll quickly be impressed by the representation of all these iconic two-dimensional moves. It could be said that the artistic direction of the 2D games of the late era did a much better job represent these colorful characters than three-dimensional titles will ever be able to do.

NBA Jam: tournament edition –

This NBA style of play has always been a lot more fun because of the lack of realism in the sport. These match 2v2 a tip above offers much more fun than a realistically simulated game. In this game there are no boxing challenges with opponents on the court, but for the simple fact that they will jump on your head and kill you from the middle of the field.

PGA Tour 3 –

To many, the idea of ​​a game of golf was ridiculous, to the point that even the Simpsons gagged it a year later. with Kill that Mazza. However, if you weren’t bothered by the teasing, you could have fun with a nice golf experience with PGA Tour 3 thanks to the great graphics (at least at the time) and the best golfers of the time.

mega drive saw

FIFA Soccer ’95 –

With the EA classic series losing the FIFA mark next year, it’s worth going back to the first chapter because it has left a huge impact on the games. This was the first football game to be used an isometric view, something that would last until the arrival of the 3D framing in the series. Also, physics seemed closer than ever to reality, with a heavy balloon acting exactly as you would expect.

Written by Ryan Woodrow for GLHF

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