Teacher recruitment reform: qualification courses, competitions, access to TFA support. Confirmations and news of the maxi-amendment

With 179 votes in favor, 22 against and no abstentions, the Assembly, in its session of 22 June, renewed its confidence in the Government by approving the amendment to replace in its entirety the bill for the conversion of Legislative Decree no. 36, which contains other urgent measures for the application of the PNRR (AS 2598). The measure is examined by the Chamber.

Here is a summary form of Flc Cgil.

The contracting system has been confirmed, structured in 3 steps

  1. Qualifying course of initial training of 60 CFU / CFA, with written test and oral test with simulated lesson
  2. national competition, organized at regional or interregional level with written and oral tests and evaluation of qualifications
  3. an annual in-service trial period with final trial and conclusive evaluation.

Enabling paths

Which is confirmed

The configuration of routes enablingthe initial training with 60 CFU / CFA, of which 20 direct / indirect internships. Details will be defined in the prime minister’s decree to be issued in July 2022.

The CFU / CFA of the initial training will be additional compared to those in the degree.

Qualification of teachers specialized in support or graduates in another degree / competition class: they will be able to obtain the qualification by means of a course of 30 CFU / CFA of which 20 CFU / CFA of methodologies and educational technologies applied to the disciplines and 10 CFU / CFA of direct practices. Expenses borne by participants.

What changes

  • Breakdown of training credits: at least 10 credits will be from the pedagogical area
  • Recognition of 24 CFU in the course, without prejudice to the requirement of a minimum of 10 CFU / CFU of direct practices
  • Teaching courses with conventional methods (in attendance) and compulsory attendance: only 20% of the activities, with the exception of internships and workshops, will be able to provide telematic methods. Each CFU / CFA internship corresponds to 12 hours in class.
  • Access after the three-year course: it can be accessed after the master’s degree or during attendance at the master’s degree itself. For those enrolled in the master’s degree in a single cycle, a minimum of 180 ECTS is required. In any case, access to the qualification test is possible after passing the master’s degree or the 2nd level AFAM diploma.
  • Reservation of places: in the first three cycles of the qualifying courses there will be a reservation of places (to be quantified) for the teaching staff who have a valid contract in the corresponding competition class in a public, egalitarian and IeFP center.
  • Tutoring costs: funds to pay tutors will be taken in the amount of 16.6 million for 2022, 50 million for 2023, 31 million for 2024 of a Fund for structural interventions of an economic nature and deduced from those of the Teacher’s card from 2024, for an amount of 19 million from 2024 and 50 million from 2025.
  • Enabling route of the final test: written test and confirmed simulated lesson. The novelty refers to the written test, which will consist of a critical analysis of school internships conducted during the course.
  • Course fees: confirmed that they will be borne by the participants, but the DPCM of July 2022 will define the maximum costs.
  • New revision of the competition classes: within 1 year there will be a review (with rationalization and consolidation) of the competition classes.

Contest for indefinite employment

Which is confirmed

The national competition it is set up autonomously, when it is fully operational it can be accessed after obtaining the degree and is prohibited annually.

Commonplace access requirements: title of access to the class of contest + degree.

Requirements for support sites: specialty in didactic support

The oral exam: will verify, in addition to the disciplinary competences, also the didactic competences and the teaching aptitude, also by means of a specific test

Access without qualifications for teachers with 3 years of service in the last 5 in public schools. The rest of the course confirmed: TD contract from August 31; acquisition of 30 CFU / CFA of initial training on their own account; completion of the qualifying course with written exam + simulated lesson; signing of the contract to IT. A trial period will follow, with a final test and evaluation by the director.

Transitional phase: Until 31 December 2024, those who have achieved at least 30 CFU / CFA in the initial training cycle will be admitted to the common places competition, provided that part of the credits are direct internships. The winners stipulate a TD contract, complete the university and academic course of initial training for 30 ECTS more on their own. After passing the final qualification test (written exam + simulated lesson), the teacher obtains the computer contract and submits to the annual probationary period in service, the positive passing of which determines the effective access to the position.

What changes

The rankings of the ordinary competition (and of the ordinary STEM 2021 competition) will be integrated with the appropriate ones. who have passed the tests.

Temporary workers who enter the competition without a degree: of the 3 years of service required at least 1 must have been performed in the specific competition category.

Maximum costs of the training course of 30 CFU / CFA: will be defined by the Prime Minister’s Decree to be issued in July 2022

Open questions for examinations convened until 31 December 2014. The questions will focus on disciplinary, didactic, methodological, English and computer knowledge and will be accessed by teachers who have passed a pre-selection test.

Access to the competition with 24 ECTS: those who have obtained 24 ECTS on 31 December 2022 will be able to access the competitions until 31 December 2024 (the rest of the course is the same as those who register with 30 ECTS / CFA).

Transitional support phase: Until 31 December 2024, within the limits of the reservation of places established by the Decree of the Prime Minister to be issued before 31 July 2022, teachers, including full professors, who have completed 3 years of support service in the last 5 and are in possession of the ‘qualification. Courses are done conventionally in attendance. A maximum of 20% of the activities, excluding internships and workshops, can be delivered electronically.

New support procedures: Until 31 December 2025 in the event of exhaustion of the competition rankings and alternatively in the rapid call for support positions, specific regional competition procedures may be initiated, the characteristics of which will be defined by the Ministry. The rankings of this procedure are integrated every 2 years and those included in it update the score.

3) Trial period and final test


The probationary period lasts one year, to pass it you must have completed at least 180 days of service and 120 teaching activities. There is a final test and evaluation by the director, after consultation with the evaluation committee. In case of not passing the final test or negative evaluation there is a second test period, non-renewable.

Acting professors of Catholic religion, the news

In parallel with the ordinary competition, the Ministry may convene an extraordinary procedure reserved for teachers of the Catholic religion in possession of the title provided by Presidential Decree 175/2012, the title issued by the competent diocesan ordinary and who have completed at least 36 months of service in public centers. The extraordinary procedure is allocated 50% of the vacancies and available for the three-year period 2022 / 2023-2024 / 2025 and for the following years until the total exhaustion of each ranking of merits. The modalities for carrying out the didactic-methodological oral exam and the grades will be established by decree of the Minister of Education.

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